Gorean Roles: Display Slave

Quietly she stood in the procession line for the companionship ceremony for the Ubar and his new Ubara.  As a Display Slave her only role is to show her beauty among her Master’s caravan to help impress upon  those around him the power and the wealth he possesses.  Dressed in the finest silks and draped in gold and gems, she walks silently in the front of the procession doing her best to display her refinement and the impossible beauty of a slave girl of Gor, like no other.  She simply is a Display Slave…no more, no less.

*Outfit Note – I wore this outfit today from Deviance in a role play session in Fina and it is simply amazing.  The look is all prims and even though the skirt is a bit challenging to edit, the final result was well worth it.

Hair:  >TRUTH< Karen – carrot
Skin:  Laqroki ~ Linnea [Fair] Light brows – 05
Freckles:  Tres Blah -tb- Freckles

Deviance – Arcane Dancer Silks – Blood Vine

Diesel Works

Oasis of Klima

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