Etheria 2 Dark Mouse and Lark!

Etheria, one my favorite events from a couple of years ago, has returned to Second Life and I am absolutely thrilled. I have always had a certain fixation on jewelry in Second Life since I created Elizabeth Hallstrom in 2007.  So when events are occur that focus on jewelers I am there in force!

Etheria is particularly intriguing for me since it involves a collaboration between a jeweler and a clothing designer that results in themed look that blends together perfectly.  The previous Etheria and the current one as well  both have a role-play feel to them so of course it is right up my alley.  This year’s event is called Painted Ladies which Mouse Mimistrobell describes as follows:

The theme is, “Painted Ladies.” What is a painted lady? In the American Old West, during the gold rush era, there was a group of men called, the ‘49ers, who swarmed the sierra nevada mountains of California in a reckless search for gold! The truth of this era is that the people who made the most money were the services that supported the gold rush, specifically, those who sold shovels and mules. In addition there was a class of women who also supported the minors, in a rather bold fashion. These woman were labeled by the the minors with names such as “ladies of the line” and “sporting women, while the cowboys dubbed them “soiled doves.” Other nicknames for these women, who were as much a part of the Old West as were the outlaws, cowboys and miners, were “scarlet ladies,” fallen angels,” “frail sisters,” “fair belles,” and “painted ladies,” among dozens of others. In short though these were women who sold their bodies for money. While these woman did indeed sell their bodies, there is a certain boldness and fascination about them, when you look at the old pictures of their dress and style.

For today’s post I am featuring the ensemble designed by Mouse Mimistrobell of Dark Mouse and Sienia Trevillion of Lark! In my eyes the pairing of these two designers always results in something absolutely exquisite.  The dress, the jewels, the way they meld together design wise makes me never want to take this look off!

So visit Etheria 2 now for not only this ensemble but also from the following pairings:

Kesseret Steeplechase, MIAO and Sanura Snowpaw, Somnia

Caroline Apollo, Caroline’s Jewelry and Anessa Stine, DCNY

Lola Heinrichs, Lolapop and Allegory Malaprop, Schadenfreude

Liliana Barrs, Undefined Lilies and Dakota Buck, Whippet & Buck

For more detail, visit Mouse’s post here:  Mouse Mimistrobell, and Sienia Trevellion, Lark!

Hair:  ::Exile:: Callisto:Midnight
Skin:  *League* Sia Pale Ruby -Cleavage

Lark – Etheria2 – Bedroom Eyes

Dark Mouse My Lady Love Bracelet for Etheria 2

Slink Glitter Peeptoes Black