Silent, Zombie Avatars

LOTD 071514

Oh Boy, has Second Life changed since 2007!  Gone are the days of trolling about shopping sims looking for what is new and fabulous and making new friends along the way.  Shopping in SL now is pretty much limited to the various monthly, quarterly and special events filled with tiny booths and silent, zombie like avatars staring off into space.  Does anyone out there remember places such as Starlust where people would not only shop but hang out and chat?  Even my beloved Tableau that used to be filled with all sorts of chatty avatars is a ghost land.  *Sigh* I kind of miss the old days.

Any who, enough of my reminiscing, let’s talk about my outfit.  Today’s look is variable mishmash of events namely The Seasons Story, Collabor88 and Cosmetics Fair.  First off let’s talk about my dress from the brand okkbye.  This is my very first purchase from this brand and I have to say I am excited about the possibilities with clothing applier design for the new mesh bodies that are coming out.   I was never one for thinking mesh was the end all be all in SL fashion and I welcome this change.  The top fits like a tight-fitting dress should!  Gone are the annoying gaps about my shoulders, the invisible body parts if your AO is not mesh friendly, hello va va voom!   My only “critique” of this looks is the retroish use of a standard prim for the crotch area.  I am not a designer by any means and I am not sure if this would work with the mesh bodies, but I would have preferred a rigged mesh crotch cover thingy similar to what Mon Tissu did a few years back with one of their pencil skirts.  Besides this one small flaw in my eyes, I love this dress.

LOTD 071514-2

For Elle’s lovely face, I combined the Scarlett skin (OMG so in love with this skin)  from MUDSKIN, with Kooqla’s lipsticks for the Cosmetics Fair along with my beloved Pink Fuel freckles. The one change in SL I was all on board with from day one was this creative use of tattoo layers.  AND with skin designers embracing this by often offering tattoo lips and lipsticks with their releases, you can customize your avatar how you like.  YAY for change.

Okay, that’s all I got for today.  All the details on the look can be found below; and as per the norm, take care my friends and have a great Second Life!

Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_Scarlett_Brown Eyebrow_tone1
[KOOQLA] Nico – beauty marks tattoo
[KOOQLA] Shake Lipstick 02 for Cosmetics Fair
[PF] Pink Fuel – Freckles Across Nose (lt)
Hair: Clawtooth: Safari Babe – Sun Kissed for Collabor88
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes – Dew

[okkbye] Two-Piece – Pizza for The Seasons Story
erratic / karen – block heels / multi 2 for The Seasons Story
(Yummy) Elephant Cuff – Gold for Collabor88
::{u.f.o}::sapari chic shoulder bag – python camel for Collabor88

Poses: Marukin