Napoleon says Fashion Bloggers Wear Too Many Layers

Starlet 1
The other day I was talking to Xamirus aka Napoleon aka my partner extraordinaire about fashion blogging in second life. While showing him a few of my favorite sites, I couldn’t help but hear a whole lot of exasperated sighs on the other end of the line. “What is wrong?” I asked him. “Can’t you see it?” he exclaims. “These bloggers wear way too many layers. They have a jacket on top of a jacket on top of a sweater on top of a shirt on top of a pair of shorts over a pair of jeans and then about a billion accessories too.”  After several minutes of laughter, he ended his “assessment” by saying, “Come on now. You watch Project Runway – Michael Kors would be blasting these people for trying too hard!”

Yeah, he is probably right. If I walked around Austin in some of the outfits I feature in my SL blog, I would get a few raised eyebrows. But that’s the point of SL right? It’s not real, its fantasy and a pretty picture world of what you could be if you lived in computer. So to all you bloggers out there who throw away the reality in search of fantasy – I salute you.
Starlet 2
Okay about the outfit: Yeah, the look really has absolutely nothing to do with what I am talking about here, well kind of. It does have a lot of layers AND the photos have a 1950s movie feel to it.  It definitely is fantasy, minimal basic fantasy albeit. Plus I finally went to a gatcha festival for the first time in SLife. Woot and I have the manager of Tee*fy/LaViere to thank for that.  She was super nice to me one day when I asked about an old gatcha camera – she told me about the swap groups, the after the gatcha event sales places etc.  Now If only I could remember her name, *sigh*.  Any who that’s all I got today. So as the norm, take care my friends and have a great second life!

Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Daria” (Type B)(Black amber)
Skin: *League* Isla Pale Opal Brunette (Chest D)
LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Mouth
Makeup: LAQ ~ Saga Lips 04

The Sea Hole – SailBetty Cardigan – Coral Red
(NO) Nylon Outfitters Sheer Star Button Down – Red (shirt)
RaMa RoWanberry – Witching Hour Dress (undershirt layer only)
The Secret Store [MESH] – Lady Swing Skirt – Jumbo Flowers

(Milk Motion) My vintage heels -blue-

Tee*fy Retro Portable Radio Pixels Brown Red @The Arcade
The Sea Hole – (MESH) Parvita Scarf – NeoGeo @The Arcade
(Yummy) Bee Earrings – Brass
(Yummy) By The Sea Charm Necklace


Small Town Green

2 thoughts on “Napoleon says Fashion Bloggers Wear Too Many Layers

  1. Tamar

    Ok, the layers upon layers thing made me laugh so hard. It’s true. I’ve seen so many blog posts where it looks like they just kept throwing pieces on and on and on till it’s all a mishmash-ed mess to me and nothing really stands out. I guess I like sleek and simple better myself, but it’s a personal choice, obviously. I like to see simple outfits with very well textured pieces and with maybe one element that really ‘pops’ to make it special. Then again it’s just pixel fashion so like you said, anything goes- personal preference and to each his/her own! It’s also fun to just play, so to heck with what anyone else thinks. LOL

    1. Elle Couerblanc Post author

      Woot Hey Tamar!

      Yeah I can’t do the million layered looks that some bloggers can do. I do layers but I end up looking more realistic than fantasy more often than not. I am totally with you on subtle looks with a KAPOW piece. For me that is often jewerly. In fact I have contemplated turning this blog into primarily jewelry posts. It has always been one of my passions about SL fashion (ooh I rhymed).