More Fifty Shades of Uber and Hello Belleza Venus

Uber 100114

Lots of great stuff at this month’s round of uber and today is just a teeny tiny snapshot of what you can find there.  Everything your little avatar heart’s desire is represented this month:  From skins to shoes, from chair to bathtubs – you want it, then uber has got it!

Belleza Brooke, LPD and Zenith 1

I probably should do a separate post on this, but I really want to share how excited I am about the Belleza Body called Venus.  Let me tell you this, in every way The Mesh Project did wrong with their body – Belleza has gotten it completely right! The hud is a breeze to use and is so completely intuitive that my cat could probably figure out how to use it!  The boobs and butt are similar in shape to the Mesh Project’s and I happy very happy to announce, Cankles are not an issue with Venus. WEEEEEE!!!  Now in comparison to SLink Physique, the real win for Belleza is the way the hands and feet are scripted.  No more struggling to find the feet in your inventory because with a click of the hud, you can adjust the foot type instantly.  In my eyes, the way the Venus body is designed, including the hud, this is the future of mesh bodies in SL.

In the defense of SLink, my gut tells me that Slink might follow-up in kind with a one touch foot and hand script in the coming months AND she dominates the market with add ons for her body.  With that in mind, I think the savvy Second Life shopper will own both the SLink body and the Belleza Body.  I say this largely because it is my opinion that over time there will be a much more diverse, solid base of clothing and shoe designers supporting either product vs the Mesh Project Body; and some of these designers might choose to align with just one body brand.  Therefore, with a small investment in what – a mere 6K (LOL) – you will be good to go!  Sounds so simple right???

Anyway, that’s all I got for now.   All the details on my outfit and set (and a taxi to ~uber~) can be found below. So until next time, take care my friends and have a great Second Life.

Taxi to ~uber~ 

Hair: tram D427 hair / classicblack
Skin: -Belleza- Brooke Uber Med 2 Dk
Lipstick: -Belleza- Brooke Med Uber Gloss 2
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Coffee
Belleza Venus Body (feet and hands)

*LpD* – *Nicla* Dress Black for ~uber~
=Zenith=Hibiscus Flower Ring for ~uber~
JD Just Design – Anastasia Lacq. red for ~uber~
MG Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Pearls – Colour Mixing Necklaces –
(Caroline’s Jewelry) Simple Pearl Drop Earrings in B/S

Diesel Works

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Boudoir Chair Black / Silver for ~uber~
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Black Side Table for ~uber~
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Box of Praline for ~uber~
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Brutus Lamp for ~uber~
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wrapped Roses for ~uber~
[Fetch] Sylvia Curtain
Zigana Weathered Mirror

4 thoughts on “More Fifty Shades of Uber and Hello Belleza Venus

  1. Sophia

    The Mesh Project body has a softer shape and there is no cankle with TMP because their feet are fitted meshes (sadly not with Belleza). So, if you don’t increase the size of your linden shape you have this cankle effect for the reason that our feet are usually set on 0 in our shapes. And with fitted meshes, it will suck for sure.
    Belleza is a very nice product but there is a huge glitch with the neck and no way to fix it. And with the retro neck fader tattoo that TMP offers, you can wear this body with the skin of your choice evec if the designer didn’t make the appliers yet. Also, the way the Venus arms fold is not very good, a detail to improve.

    Belleza and TMP are both excellent products offering many options, the choice between them is more a question of taste.

    1. Elle Couerblanc Post author

      Hi Sophia! Thanks for your comment. I actually did adjust the foot size (can’t remember how I went on the slider) to help offset the cankle effect but I still saw cankles, LOL. Honestly that was something I could have overlooked if everything else with the product fell into line because I know very few people pay that much attention to the curve of the ankle that I do, ha. The body from the ankles up was GORGEOUS, but the real deal breaker for me with the Mesh Project is the total shopping experience at the Mesh Project and the Hud management, which I highlighted here:

      In terms of the primary features of the body (boobs, butt, arms shape etc) I find the two products very similar in that regard. But if I have to choose between an easy to use Hud and a less annoying shopping experience (why do I have to give them my lindens first before buying anything), I will have to choose Belleza.

      In the end, you are spot on – the preference will be a matter of taste (body design) and tolerance in the management of the product. Thanks again!!


      1. Sophia

        “in every way The Mesh Project did wrong with their body ” It’s an exaggerated statement in my opinion. I don’t see any kankle, the TMP leg is well shaped from pubic to toes. Of course I tend to prefer the SLink foot shape but TMP ankles are thin and don’t make the legs look like a tree trunk. I have more an issue with the way the Venus arms fold but at the end, I would say that both bodies are similar in quality.
        Regarding the hud management *shrugs…* With the wide choice of items you have in their store, you understand better the interest of having a hud. And you purchase credits once you’re definitely determined to get one of the items exactly as you pay in any store when you buy something. The credit system is just a step more but not really an annoyance. We’re not used to such system, that’s all.