French Macarons Are Gluten Free

French Macarons Are Gluten Free 1

Did you know French Macrons are gluten-free??? I didn’t and I was so happy to find out this so important piece of dietary information.  You see, I love Macrons…yes MACARONS which is the French spelling of the same delicious treat we often refer to in the US as Macaroons.  Well, there is a bit of a difference though:  Both of these edible delights start with egg whites and sugar but that is where the commonalities end.   American Macaroons use coconut as a primary ingredient, whereas French Macarons use Almonds with a layer of Buttercreme between the layers.  Either way they are both heavenly and GLUTEN FREE!  You see, I am Gluten Free but NOT by choice, LOL. When someone says to me “Elizabeth I am thinking about going gluten-free,” I generally reply “Now why the hell would you want to do that!”  Being Gluten free…truly Gluten free is a big pain in the ass.

French Macarons Are Gluten Free 2

Anyway, the reason I am bringing up Macarons is my applier shirt today features cute little French Macarons.  Now, I won’t fault the creator behind okkbye for naming her shirt incorrectly because not everyone is as much of a French Macaron aficionado as myself, woot!  And yes, I wore another version of the same top yesterday, but I am so excited about the possibilities of Slink Physique applier fashion I just can’t help myself.  Along with this top, I paired today’s look with all sorts of goodies from Collabor88 and The Seasons Story, including the fab-o jewelry from Mandela.  LOOOOVE.

Welp, that’s all I got!  So until next time, take care my friends and have a great Second Life.


Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_Scarlett_Red Eyebrow_tone1
[ MUDSKIN ]_Deanna_ Lip Makeup7_tone1
[KOOQLA] Nico – beauty marks tattoo
[PF] Pink Fuel – Freckles Across Nose (lt)
Hair: Lamb. Strangelove with Lamb Hair Base Cropped – Ginger (Hair Fair)
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes – Dew
Slink Physique Mesh Body

[okkbye] Two-Piece Slink Physique Applier – Macaroon (TOP ONLY) for The Seasons Story
-David Heather-Escouade Skirt/White for The Seasons Story – Rebecca.Wedges (Stone) for The Seasons Story
VCO – Art eco Bag _ sky for The Seasons Story
Earring [MANDALA]KYARA/Sunrise for Collabor88
[MANDALA]KYARA_Bangle set_Marrakesh for Collabor88

Poses by Imeka