December ~uber~ Post number 1 – Lelutka, Yummy and Valentina E

Uber 120714


Wow! It has been a month since I have posted!  So much going in my real life and my love of Elder Scrolls Online has kept me away from my beloved SL.  So yesterday, I logged in for a good few hours (the longest I had been in SL for months) and learn that not only are their appliers for my beloved Belleza body, but it is now been pulled for an alleged violation of a DMCA!  My first reaction was “what the F” – it took the designer months to release this body and someone is actually accusing him of content theft???  Come on…if someone is stealing content, it wouldn’t take them almost a 6 months to release the damn thing!  Seriously what is going on in SL with these mesh body dramas.  Are people actually stealing or is someone using this as a tool to take out the competition or retaliate for personal reasons.  Anyway this is just my opinion and expression of how annoying it is from a consumer’s perspective if we don’t know from one week to the next if a mesh body part is still going to be available. Get it together people – either use your sourced materials in the proper legal manner; or if people are just being drama llamas and using DMCA as a power play tool, then stop it!

Anyway, that was wayyyy off topic. I have been totally remiss in my blog duties and am just now getting around to posting for ~uber~.  Let me tell ya folks, this round is sublime. I do like the direction the uber group is going towards in regards to trying to feature a large array of designers from month to month. This month my absolute favorite jewelry, Polyester Partridge of  Yummy has a release, so of course I had to feature it.  The Gold Spikes Statement Necklace is totally die for and it paired beautifully with the body suit release from Valentina E.  Rounding out my ~uber~ look is the fabu Lelutka hair, Vague, and a previous Deetalez ~ uber~ release – “Kimber” with freckles.  So don’t forget to check out this months ~uberish~ offerings at ~uber~!

Taxi to ~uber~

Hair: [LeLutka]-VAGUE hair – AlmostGoth for ~uber~
Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Kimber [Freckles] Mixedtype (previous ~uber~ item)
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Coffee
Makeup: #adored – sleepy shadow – kellyish
-Belleza- Venus Mesh Body

ValentinaE ::V.e. Stella Bodysuit S Amethyst for ~uber~
(Yummy) Gold Spikes Statement Necklace ~uber~

Pose: Marukin