Role Play Character Backstory – Daphne AKA Aella Consenza Amaris

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Opal is my long term slave character. She has had many names since her incarnation:  Elle, Babbler, Axiom, Opal and most recently Daphne. In the past she was played for the most part by the avatar known as Elle Couerblanc and briefly by Elizabeth Hallstrom. Now, without further adieu, I am very pleased to tell you the story of Daphne…..

She was once a free woman, born and raised on the Island ubarate of Cos, of the Caste of Scribes. Her father was originally from Thentis but found his way to Cos by various business ventures. Her mother was of the Merchants, a native of Telnus, who produced four children during her companionship to Aella’s father.  Aella grew up living a simple life – educated at home alongside her three brothers. From an early age, it was apparent Aella had a mind for numbers, like her father.

Even though her father was by caste a scribe – his interests lied in the world of the merchants.  After working for some time for one of the largest slave holdings in Thentis – the House of Publius – he invested his own coin into the business and was eventually allowed to open outposts on behalf the House in KoRoBa, Port Cos and Cos.  This business strategy was instrumental in creating a slave trade conglomerate for Publius – leading his house to be one of the most lucrative Slave Houses north of Ar. Eventually her father settled in Cos and companioned Aella’s mother.

After her education was complete, Aella began to work for her father in the slave house as an accountant. Her father recognized her talent and even though it was dangerous in some ways for Aella to be exposed to such a life, her father felt he could protect her.  But during the “troubles” between Cos and Ar, her father moved the family to Port Cos believing they would be more safe there than on the Island at the time.  In Port Cos, Aella continued her work for the House Publius. But much to the chagrin of Aella and her family, the move to Port Cos led to Aella’s slavery.

Before Port Cos’s split from the hegemony of Cos, a man of Ar was captured, tried and convicted as spy. He was sentenced to hard labor as a slave and sold to the House where Aella worked.  After several months, members of his family raided the slave house.  His family was of the warriors and easily took the guards down.  In the skirmish, this same Warrior of Ar took Aella as his captive and along the road to Ar enslaved her.

As they approached Ar, Aella and her captor split off from the group to do some business at a merchant’s compound.  Unfortunately, the two were overtaken by a band of brigands and the warrior died at the hands of  the rogues.  Eventually Aella, now called Elle, was sold to a traveling slaver of Ar.  In was in this House where she remained for close to fifteen Gorean years as a trainer to barbarians and one of the favored slaves of the Head of House.  In second life though, her story began here:  One fateful day  she was stolen by a man of Treve, a slaver, who sold her to the Ubar of the city to train his stock.  In the grand city of Treve is where her adventure began!

From there Aella, now called Elle moved from the finery of Treve to the dregs of a Clearchus Woods outlaw village – stolen once again by the slaver her brought her to Treve.  The slaver made a pretty coin off the woman though when he eventually sold her to a man of the Red Caste who was out hunting for a Panther Girl.  With the Warrior, she returned her to an Island Ubarate, but this time Tyros and not Cos. Her time with the warrior though was cut short when he died in battle.  As the fates would have it, Elle was spotted in a tavern in the middle of the city of Tentium by her own brother.  Oddly the man took pity on her, bought her then freed her.  But instead of returning her to Cos to be with her family, he paid a man to take her back to the outlaw camp.  There she lived on the outskirts of the village and was eventually taken in by a unconventionally tender hearted Panther Girl.  But instead of enslaving Elle, she taught her the ways of the woods and there she lived for several months.

Her freedom was short lived though and ultimately slavery was in the cards for her again.  Caught stealing from the home of Cor Tarrant, Regent of the up and coming ubarate of Clearchus, Elle was again enslaved and served for some time in his home.  After the fall of Clearchus, the Tarrants settled in Port Kar and due to financial circumstance, Elle was sold to a slave house.  Soon after the purchase, Elle was auctioned in the streets and bought by a man of Ar – A banker known as Xamirus Mannix.  With the Xamirus, Elle – now called Opal – believed she had her found her place in the sun; but her happiness was short lived.  In a jealous rage, the man’s companion gave her to a traveling Minstrel.  For the past half year she has been roaming the lands of Gor with the minstrel but not as his love slave.  Instead she  was used his lure girl and a common pickpocket by the man.   The pair had been spotted off and on near the Voltai in a settlements adjacent to the City of Hochburg.

One fateful day Elle had an encounter with the man of Warriors in a settlement known as Voltai Viktel.  They ran into each other several times over the next couple hands, much to the slave’s chagrin.  But something about Elle caught the man’s eye, whether it be her russet tresses or the simple fact he was trying to deny her owner’s source of elicit income, the warrior known as Doran Markova absconded Elle from the river docks one day.  Now known as Daphne, the slave is trying her best to find her way into Doran’s heart – by any means possible.

So what is in store for Elle? Stay tuned and find out!