Lola’s are a HOT Topic

My hot Lola's 2
Some say Lola’s are HAWT.  Some say Lola’s are the worst thing to hit the grid since viewer 2.  What I say when asked about Lola’s is I think they are both silly and fun.  I actually have me a a pair of zee Lola’s and pull out them once in a while when I am in a whimsical mood.  Whimsical, you might ask? YES, whimsical! In my opinion, Lola’s were not designed to be realistic – they are a cartoon, manga, anime version of boobs. Now whether or not the creator will agree with me is another thing, though, all together!  I mean, look at the nips on these puppies – they look like they are lifting their lips to sky singing their praises to the goddess of nipples!  Once on a gorean forums thread discussing zee Lolas IN DETAIL,  I called them “attacking nipples” and the description seemed to stick throughout the thread.
My hot Lola's 1
Speaking of SL Gor, zee Lola’s have a huge and very, very vocal fanbase there. In fact at times, I felt like when it comes to the gorean role play community, you can create a huge drama by merely joking about them (here and here). Some of you who have known me over the years will acknowledge at times I can be a bit outspoken – sometimes even to my detriment!  So when I and a fellow player (both of us largely slave character players too) pointed out how funny it was to see a free woman character displaying her nipples for all the world to see, you would think we had insulted her intelligence!  If you play the character as the book seems to communicate to me, the last thing a modest free woman would display so openly are her nipples!

For the record, I am fine with Lola’s – in fact I think they can be campy fun.   Although, I have hard time really taking these attachments seriously or consider them all that sexy. But as an accessory I think they have a lot of potential (in whatever way you see fit) and I say rock those Lola’s ladies….ROCK ON!

Hair: [LeLutka]-SALOME hair – IrishRed
Skin: *League* Isla Pale Natural Blonde
Tattoo Layers: *League* Isla Pale -Red Brows, *League* Isla Freckles (Stronger) -Pale, LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Mouth

(NO) Nylon Oufitters Lucky Cat Dress – Green (Collabor88 April round)

J’s Western Boots (M/L)L Pink

Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
Izzie’s – 50’s Pearl Necklace green
Maitreya Leather Satchel * Mustard
(Yummy) Anouk Glasses
(Yummy) Burger Earring (Collabor88 April round)
(Yummy) Doughnut Ring (Collabor88 April round)
(Yummy) Fanny Pack EXTREEEME!!! – Dazzling Golden Yellow
=^^= MIAO Turqoise Ribbed Tights

AnyPose Expression HUD v1.0