Make it Pop! Lara Hurley, Erratic and Pixicat

Make it Pop 2

Make it Pop, Girl!  That’s what I say about my outfit today.  A combo of items from ~uber~, and other places, that result in one fierce-looking Elle!

Make it Pop 1


*Sigh* I am so in love with this skin from Lara Hurley.  “Fae” also available at ~uber~ comes in a variety of skin tones and makeups.  As an added bonus, the SLink Physique applier is included and it not only works with the mesh body, but also the hands and feet!  Love this!  Anyway, expect to see Elle in this skin pretty regularly going forward. Thank you Lara Hurley for creating Fae!

Short and sweet I know but really who reads my blog anyway, LOL.  Any who, all the details on my look can be found below. So until next time, take care my friends and have a great Second Life.

Skin: Lara Hurley-Fae natural/Milky for ~uber~
Hair: +Spellbound+ Medusa // Brunettes
IKON Spectral Eyes – Wraith
Slink Physique Body

-Pixicat- Cheeky.Top/Shorts (Uber) for ~uber~
erratic / lena – shorts / denim black for ~uber~
MG Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Cross of Assisi – SILVER + BLACK OBSIDIAN
ISON – safari tribe bracelet (onyx)
MG Maxi Gossamer – Bracelet – Voodoo Rocker – Cross
Earring [MANDALA]KYARA/Volcano
Shoes: JustDesign – Oakley Leather – Red

Poses by Bent (no longer available)

Blood Princess

Blood Princess 2

Blood Princess edit


Skin: .[KOOQLA] Nico – Natural 01
Makeup: NOX. Sixx Liner [Red]
Hair: MINA – Iris – Black
Slink Physique Mesh Body

*{Junbug}* Ophelia [Ink] for Fit for a Princess
Miamai_The Dreaming Faun – headpiece – Silver (previous Secret Affair item)
The Muses . Jeune Mairee . Collar for Enchantment
*League* Vintage T-Bar Pumps -Red

Poses by Del May

Location Psycho Misfits

A Morning Walk

Morning walk


Skin: Lara Hurley-Fae natural/Milky for ~uber~
Hair: tulip. Bethany for ~uber~
IKON Spectral Eyes – Glass
Slink Physique Body

*BOOM* Nyu Day Top – (mint) for ~uber~
-tres blah- Denim Mini Skirt (M) – Criss Cross for ~uber~
Eudora 3D Nereida Wedges for ~uber~
ISON – summer striped net bag -right hand- (sea) for ~uber~
MG Maxi Gossamer – Earrings – Ashira Hoops for ~uber~
[The Forge] Beach Bum Necklace for ~uber~
(Yummy) Sunhat – Natural

Poses by Everglow

Location: The Trace

More ~uber~ Goodies! – Belleza and Zaara

Belleza, Zaara for Uber 2

The day has come and the ~uber~ sim is flooded with patrons. For those of you not able to make it there yet, I thought I would give you a preview of what you have in store from Belleza and Zaara.  As per the norm, the look from Zaara is outstanding.  Available in eight beautful colors that run the gamut from soft to bold, this maxi dress screams easy, breezy summertime and I haven’t taken it off yet.

Belleza, Zaara for Uber

Belleza’s Beth is a wonderful addition to the event. Available in Pale and Sunkissed, the face comes with the signature Belleza lush lips and a variety of makeups.  I have to say, it is my personal opinion, that the Belleza body is one of the best out there on the grid.  I am so looking forward to the launch of the Belleza body!

Well that’s it for me today.  Don’t forget to check out ~uber~ soon – in fact here is a taxi you can take now! Ciao.

Skin: -Belleza- Beth Uber Pale 4 Dk for ~uber~
-Belleza- Beth Uber Pale Gloss 3 for ~uber~
Hair: booN TUN247 hair mat & booN gathered raised hairbase chocolate
IKON Spectral Eyes – Glass

Zaara : Antara Maxi dress *blush* for ~uber~ – Wayfaring.Sandals (Vintage)
MG Maxi Gossamer – Earrings – Vallari Metal Hoops

Poses by Everglow

Fifty Shades of….~uber~

Zibska for Uber

Truth Hawks and Kaelyn Alecto have combined their creative energies to come up with a fabulous new event aptly named ~uber~. Opening date is midnight July 31st and it will sure to be a smash.  So in honor of ~uber~ (and the launch of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer) I am featuring the fabulous Essence necklace from Zibska for the event paired with the lovely Bird Mask from Lark for ROMP.

Lots wonderful designs will be offered for the first round focusing on the theme ~uber~ vacation!  There is one more month left of summer vacation for many of us around the globe (well those in the Northern Hemisphere that is) – so get out your flip-flops and bathing suits and coming visit ~uber~ soon!   Last, Lastly be sure and check out the poster below for the July participants and see you soon at ~uber~!

UBER -  Opens July 31!


Skin: .-Glam Affair – Rose skin – ( Europa ) 01
[KOOQLA] Shake Lipstick 06 for Cosmetic Fair
Hair: [LeLutka]-MALEFICENT

Zibska Essence for Uber
Lark – Bird Mask (F) – Lace for ROMP
Tee*fy Lenka Bralet White

Pose by Marukin

Last Day for The Secret Affair


And a quickie post from me.  Sorry folks that I haven’t had much to say the past couple days, Elle has been a bit under the weather.  But here is your taxi to the event – Enjoy!

Skin: .Birdy. Dreamer Skin ~Pure~ (Dark) for The Secret Affair
Hair: *booN UAN168 hair black/chocolate/purple & *booN gathered mid hairbase all colors pack

-DRD- Brynhild armor for The Secret Affair
ISON – charlotte dress (purple)
ISON – safari tribe bracelet and ring (onyx) for Collabor88
-Pixicat- Royal.Shoe for The Secret Affair

Poses by marukin

The Secret Affair ends July 29th

A Secret Affair
The Secret Affair – a wonderful event I discovered since my return to Second Life; and with only a two days left you definitely need to check it out, STAT.  Here is your taxi – go now!

Skin: .Birdy. Dreamer Skin ~Pure~ (Dark) for The Secret Affair
Hair: Blues. Crystal for Hair Fair

!gO! Cameo – smoke for The Secret Affair
Alchemy – Dream – Eyepatch – Pink for The Secret Affair
Alchemy – Dreams – Wrist – Pink for The Secret Affair
(Yummy) Pearl Earring from the Jennifer set

Pose by Imeka

Location El Laberinto Peridido (MetaLES)

The After Party – A Short Story By Elle

The After Party 2

If it hadn”t been a “required” event for work, the woman would have totally preferred to have stayed in her fabulous hotel room and watch the next episode of  “Big Brother.”  Nine times out of ten, these events were completely awkward, with rehashed menu items she had throughout the week during the lunches provided by the hotel and cheap liquor – corporate events generally BLOW!  Much to her surprise though, this night had been different.  The food was excellent, the champagne was flowing and the normally awkward chit-chit didn”t happen.  Dancing and fellowship was on the menu Former Labour welfare reform minister Frank Field said the NAO report "spelled the beginning of the political end for the universal credit reports dream" and urged the government to "pull the plug on it". that night; and when she strolled the beach with a couple of friends when the band called it quits, she could not help but smile.  “After party!” she heard someone yell from a nearby balcony.  She looked at her friends with a lifted brow then jerked her head directing them to follow.

The End.

Skin: -Glam Affair – Rose – Europa 01 F
Hair: Exile::Blown Away for Hair Fair

The Annex – Blouse – Velvet – Burgandy
The Annex – Skirt – Jacquard – Gold – Wayfaring.Sandals (Tan)
MG Maxi Gossamer – Earrings – Vallari Hoops
Necklace(Long) [MANDALA]KYARA/Forest for Collabor88
(Yummy) Tiny Acorn Necklace – Gold (long length)
(Yummy) Elephant Cuff – Gold

Pose by flowey

Location:   Baja Norte

The Swing – A Story by Elle

Swing 3

The woman sat there quietly in the park, her hands gripped tightly about the rope of the swing, as her thoughts flooded back to her childhood in Tulsa.   “Swing me higher, Daddy,” she heard in her thoughts.  “I want to touch the moon just like those astronauts did!”  Her father would laugh and push the swing higher and higher. In the background, the familiar voice of her mother would chime “Be careful!  She might jump out of the Swing!”  Mother knew her too well – her risky daredevil ways that miraculously never resulted in any major injuries!

Swing 1

The women suddenly comes back to reality and the quiet of the park settles around her.  All she has now of her parents are the voices in her head, the photographs and the memories that fill her dreams at night.  “Hold on tight, daddy” she says to no one.  “Don’t forget to take me to get Ice Cream after.” She chuckles and looks around, wondering if someone was about that overheard her ramblings.   The woman sighs and leans her head against the rope, her lips uplifting into a smile. It was a lovely evening.

Hair: tram D318 hair / cork
Skin: [KOOQLA] Nico – Tan 03 (lb)
-tb- Tres Blah Fluffy Dress – Polka Dots
(fd) Fashionably Dead Sneakers – 18 Neon Yellow
(Yummy) Ellery Glasses – Mint
DECO – Recycled Necklace
Tenjin – Fairy Princess Tattoo – Faded
Swallowtail Orange Flower Bracelet [double]
LaGyo_Canvas and palms hat
Location – Hazardous

Nylon Outfitters High Def Skins & Luxuria Appliers

Nylon Outfitters High Def Skin

First off, let me say it is my personal opinion that one cannot do a skin critique in a similar manner to say a Glam Affair or Pink Fuel for the skins released by Nylon Pinkney.  Why is that you might ask? Well, in my mind Nylon Outfitters falls into a niche market, similar in some ways to the Skinnery, but even more so.  “High Def is the latest release in skins from Nylon Pinkney, and the first I think in a long while too.  I feel as though the wearer of this skin would lean more on the eclectic, offbeat side of the grid looking to create a character versus an idealized version of one’s self.  The skin appears to be largely hand drawn and much more artistically driven than realistically driven in its form and function. Now, don’t get me wrong, the face is beautiful – but it is that unusual beauty that not everyone might want to achieve in Second Life.

Now, I am not saying this skin doesn’t have it’s minuses, mind you. Three in fact, stick out in my mind:

  • The stomach area is a bit too toned for my taste .
  • The skin tone on the neck of the Physique applier option does not look the same to me as on the standard skin.  This makes the neck line of applier more apparent than I prefer.
  • Number three taken out!  I figured out the lipsticks were sold with the Loud Mouth Appliers Woot!!


Nylon Outfitters High Def Skin Face


A couple more things before I close my post for the day.  Along with the skin, Nylon has also released these gorgeous makeups and they are works of art on their own. LOOOVE.  Also, I am so excited about the prospect of lingerie appliers for the SLink Physique mesh body.  Featured in this post is probably my absolute favorite lingerie designer Roslin Petion and her applier release for The Deck under her brand name Luxuria; and not unexpectedly, the set is sublime!

Okay, that’s all I got – all the details on my look can be found below. So until next time, take care my friends and have a great Second Life!

Skin: (NO) Nylon Outfitters High Def Skins – Golden -
(NO) Nylon Outfitters High Def Cosmetics – Eyeshadow – Purple Gold Blend
[Buzzeri] Crystal Eyes – Jade
Slink Physique Mesh Body
{Luxuria} Summer Crush *radiant orchid* Slink Physique Lingerie Applier
Poses: Imeka

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