Kooqla Nico and Elle’s Boobies

Kooqla Nico and boobies!

I have fallen hard for Nico from Kooqla, so hard I never want to take it off! Released over the weekend, in conjunction with her new store build, Rocketta Haven has outdone herself with this face.  I also felt like doing one last picture with my mesh boobies from Lush.  In actuality, the appliers for Nico are for the Lola’s but….I found they look better with Lush.  The reason I say “my last picture” is that in case you have been under a rock the last couple days and haven’t heard this, SLink finally released their mesh body.  So for now I patiently await, naked in my skybox, for Kooqla to come out with their Physique appliers.  Hurry, Rocketta!  Elle is getting quite cold!

Skin: [KOOQLA] Nico – Tan 02 (db)
[KOOQLA] Nico – beauty marks tattoo
Hair: tram D428 hair / cork
Boobies: [d] Lush Breasts 1.4
Tenjin – Fairy Princess Tattoo
!Ohmai: Gerbera Fairy [Companion] from The Arcade
Pose: Kirin

Vintage Bathing Beauty

Pin Up Girl 2

Feeling a bit vintage today in honor of Summerfest 2014.  If  fashion of the early 60s as the norm, with of course the 2010s ‘tudes, I would be in hog heaven.  But that is what SL is for right? Being someone or , something you can’t be.  Or just finding a way to give your real life assets a bit of Vavavoom!

Pin Up Girl 1

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I am getting bored with red-headed Elle.  So lately I have been playing with dark, dark brunettes and ravishing blonds to help find her niche again.  Perhaps this change will also help inspire me to start writing again.  Whether it be through Role Play or strictly on my blog, I am feeling the itch again and it needs to be scratched!

Pin Up Girl 3

Any who, if your interested in checking out the looks here and all the other fab things at Summerfest, here is your taxi.  I have no idea how long it’s lasting, but I am sure this info can be found through some other blog – one in which the writers pay much more attention to details like event dates much better than me.

Okay, so that’s it for me folks.  So as per the norm, take care my friends and have a great Second Life.

Skin: -Glam Affair – Cassia – America – 05 G
Hair: [LeLutka]-ROCHELLE hair – AlmostGoth
elikatira [e] Novel Hair Flower
Tee*fy Mia Mini Halter Tank Top M Retro for Summerfest
Tee*fy Vivienne Summer Shorts High-Cut M Black for Summerfest
Ingenue :: Lola Heels (Slink Add-On) :: Cherry (Collabor88)
Izzie’s – Long Flower Necklace orange
Slink Feet and Hands
Poses estetica
Location Winter Moon

Glam Affair for Creation.JP

Glam Affair Cassia Arctic 02


Just a quick post today featuring a couple of items from the Creation.JP event that opened this past weekend.  Today Elle is wearing the Glam Affair Cassia in Arctic for the event and the sublime hair style from booN. Offered in both Arctic and Asia tones, I just adore all the makeups offered by Glam Affair with this release and it pairs perfectly with this hairstyle.  Completing the look is jewelry by Mandela and a sweet and simple pose from Kirin (not at the event).

Creation.JP will be open for the next 17 days or so and it is definitely not to be missed!  All the fashion details can be found below. So till next time, take care and have a great second life.

Taxi to Creation.JP

Hair – booN TUM278 hair chocolate
Skin – -Glam Affair – Cassia – Artic – 02 H
IKON Spectral Eyes – Dew (XS
[MANDALA]POLLY head Corsage/White
Poses – Kirin

Stories, Stories, Stories and a bit of The Skinnery

The Skinnery Chloe 1
I feel like I should be writing something…but for now my mind is drawing a blank. Elle’s story is on hold due to her RP Partner being lost to that horrible thing called Real Life.  So, I just have to start going in a new direction with my Role Play, me thinks.  For a moment though let’s talk about this Elle selfie featuring The Skinnery Chloe. Yes, I know, I am once again late to the dance featuring this skin – but it really was the face that drew me back into blogging. I first fell in heart with Chloe when Bubbles Clawtooth posted this image on plurk and I had to have Chloe for myself.  I love this face, except for one very minute detail.  I really want to plunk her eyebrows!  LOL.  That’s the esthetician in me coming out.

The Skinnery Chloe 2

Any who, back to stories:  I am seriously thinking about taking the plunge into a modern RP sim.  My friend Heph has been raving about a not yet open sim based on the World of Darkness lore.  Yeah I know, Vamps –  *yawn*.  Although, this is supposed to be something really different from what’s out there presently.  Only time will tell though if I finally decide to take the plunge.  In the meantime, I am going to do my research, type up some stories and see if the sim calls me.

Okay, that’s all I got for now but don’t forget to check out The Skinnery Chloe which is only available at The Arcade for now.  See  you on the grid, folks!

Skin – The Skinnery Chloe (Arcade)
Hair – Truth
IKON Spectral Eyes – Dew
Fashionably Dead Summer Romper (Collabor88)
Necklace and Earrings – Yummy (Collabor88)
Poses – Imeka

1. My Interpretation of Glam Affairs Summer II

My Interpretation of Glam Affair Summer II
First post of many, I hope – YAY!  I thought I would start off with a couple Elle Selfies featuring how I interpreted Glam Affair’s release for June Collabor88. I love the pin-up glam look of this shape and the way the dark hair contrasted with the very light Arctic tone.

My Interpretation of Glam Affair Summer II with Pink Fuel Lips

For a bit of fun, I decided to combine the skin with my beloved Pink Fuel lips. All I can say is this is to die for.

Well that’s all I have for now – all the fashion details can be found below. So, in closing, take care my friends and have a great Second Life!

-Glam Affair – Summer skin – Artic – 06
[LeLutka]-ROCHELLE hair – AlmostGoth
Glam Affair – Rope Embellished Necklace Sand (G)
IKON Spectral Eyes – Dew
[PF] Pink Fuel Harley Lipstick – Base Lip (2nd photo only)
Poses by marukin


Testing, Testing…1,2,3

Elle Couerblanc knocks on your monitor a few times – gently of course so as not to damage the LCD/LED mildly protected by a top layer. “I am back,” she says. “Moved to a new state (Oklahoma) and often busy, but I really miss blogging.”

So here I go again, but not with a brand new blog, just a reemergence of an old. Let’s see what happens, shall we?

On a permanent hiatus – perhaps

I have decide to shut down my personal blog for a variety of reasons.  Life is changing and Elle must change with it. I will still be out and about on the grid off and on and may be involved in blogging in other capacities, but for now this blog is on hiatus.  I thank anyone who has taken the time out during to the day to read my words.  And please, if you ever see me on the grid, give me a shout.

Oh..I am still going to be active on Flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lizzie_lexington/

Add me if you so desire!!

Cosmetics Fair – KOOQLA & Adored


My Second Life time is a bit sporadic for the past few months.  Because of this, I am usually a few days late the party when it comes to the latest and greatest fashion thing on the grid.  So when I heard about the Cosmetics Fair, my first response was “Really? Another event?”, LOL.  Regardless, I decided to check out the fair for myself. Honestly, it is right up my alley in terms of being able to customize Elle to look a bit different from the pack.  My dread though was dealing with the norm for Second Life events these days:  too many vendors crammed into a space that is hard to navigate.  My preference is obviously for more boutique events like Collabor88 and I am not sure why I even bother with the large ones like hair fair, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised.  The size of the event was just right and the layout was very simple.

First on my agenda was to find the Adored Bodyshop booth. I have been following Constance Daehli (sp?) for some time now on Flickr and have been fascinated in the past by her avatar shapes and photos and noticed lately her posts for her cosmetics.   I was sidetracked though momentarily when I saw that KOOQLA also had a booth there as well.  I completely fell in love with her “Bisquit” skin and at first glance, the new skin “Domino” didn’t seem that different.  I ended up accidentally buying the skin thinking it was the demo, LOL, and I am glad I did.  I have to say at first glance the look is similar to “Bisquit” primarily because of the lips, but I did see some marked improvements in the nose and the skin tone on the face.  Although, like Bisquit, this skin may not be for everybody due to what I see as the creators intent to create a more artistic skin vs. a more realistic one.  For me personally, this skin fits just right!  Thank goodness this purchase had a happy ending.

Paired with the skin is one of the two purchases I made from Adored Bodyshop.  The words that come to mind when describing the “Sleepy Shadows” eyeshadow is lush, intriguing and rich.  The rest of the Adored Bodyshop line seems to primarily be on Marketplace and I have already been perusing her store as well, woot!

Okay, that’s all I got for today. Don’t forget to check out the Cosmetics Fair which will be going on through the end of the month.  So until next time my friends – Be good and have a great Second Life!

Hair: [LeLutka]-NEU hair (S) – AlmostGoth
Skin: [KOOQLA] Domino (Light Brows) for Cosmetics Fair
Eye Shadow: #adored – sleepy shadow – jeans for Cosmetics Fair
Eyeliner:  [KOOQLA] Z-eyeliner (Black) 01 for Cosmetics Fair
Moles: cheLLe

Fancy Collabor88


Cedar Fever has hit Austin like I have never experienced before and I am seriously not happy, LOL. Because of that I don’t have a lot to say except this:  I really enjoy how I moved into this place with my blog where I don’t feel the need any longer to have a certain image or create a recognizable character.  One day I might feel like being a blond, the next a redhead.  One week I might feel like creating an avatar of a completely different race or maybe even a different species. I have had three primary avatars in Second Life:  Elizabeth the fashionista, Lizzie the nerd and Elle the Role Player.  Right now I think I am a little bit of all three, depending on how I feel that day.  That is the beauty of Second Life – you can pretend to be whomever you want to be for what ever reason!

Wow, that was not what I wanted to talk about at all, LOL.  Any who about my outfit.  I felt like being Fancy Elle today and of course, Collabor88 had all sorts of goodies for me to use to complete this ensemble.  Everything you see here you can find at the latest round, besides the skin and hair, and I really felt like a Princess in this look.


Last, Lastly I am still in love with this Bisquit skin from Kooqla so I thought I would share one more pic of my big old mug all over your screen.  It really is a gorgeous skin and I feel like Princess Scarlett Johansson when I wear it, woot!

Anyway that’s all I have for today.  So in closing, be good my friends and have a great Second Life!
Skin: [KOOQLA] Bisquit . Nude 01 (lb)

*{Junbug}* Vintage Fur Wrap in Snow
(NO) Nylon Outfitters Beaded-Bodice Dress – Top for Collabor88
-tb- Tres Blah Balloon Skirt (M) – Dusk for Collabor88

fri.day – Miranda.Heels (Stone) for Collabor88 (Slink Slink Female Feet High)

LaGyo_Chantelle earring Pink for Collabor88
*{Junbug}* Princess Clutch in Pearl for Collabor88
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – High
SLink Hands


Cupcake Sim

It’s Just a Fantasy….Collabor88 (and a bit of a rant)


Yup, another Collabor88 Post.  I have drunk the koolaid and liked it very, very much. Honestly though it could have been spiked with something like vodka or rum and it would have been even better. Not Everclear though, I HATE Everclear.  Soon after I moved to Austin, a few friends took me to this restaurant called Baby Acapulco’s and all of the drinks are made with…you guessed…Everclear.  My friends who like to imbibe in this liquor claim they can’t taste it but I sure can.  To me, Everclear is the worst tasting crap to invade my frozen drinkie poos since I dunno when.  Anyway I digress…I am supposed to be talking about Collabor88 and instead I am talking about liquor!

So back to the topic.  I have had this idea about trying to find a fantasy sim to start rping in. Not just any fantasy sim mind you, but more one inspired by such genres as Dungeons & Dragons or Lord of the Rings with an edge though mind you!  I love the idea of playing some beautiful mystical creature like an Elf or Fae surrounded by sparkles and sunshine.  Well, not really sparkles and sunshine because to be honest I like a bit of dark in my RP.  Not necessarily sexual (well, maybe now and then, LOL), more like a strong contrast between good and evil – no Disney elves for me…no siree Bob!  Gor is total yawn for me these days, plus I think I am a bit annoyed with my fellow players believing my character IS who I am.  How many times does one need to say “I am not a slave in RL….I am not a sub in RL” before they actually believe me!  Now there is nothing wrong with being Sub in RL if that makes you happy.  I mean I occasionally would fall into that category – that is, if I feel like it LOL. Which I guess in reality makes me NOT a sub!  But slave? Come on…..get real people. If you were REALLY a slave would you be online playing in some virtual reality game? I think not!  Who the hell finds being  a slave joyous anyway. I would say go have a conversation with the thousands of women around the world who have ACTUALLY been sold into sexual servitude and I think you will know the difference.

Boy that was a rant, huh? Let’s change the subject then and talk about my outfit, shall we? Today’s look includes two items from the current round of Collabor88:  The lovely dress from Junebug and the gorgeous hair from Clawtooth paired with the fantastical skin from Kooqla (which you can’t see very well) and the elf ears from SLink.  Oh my, I make a beautiful elf don’t I? LOL.  Okay, that’s all I got today folks.  Till next time…be good and have a great Second Life.

Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth: Female Trouble – Snow for Collabor88
Skin: [KOOQLA] Bisquit . Nude 01 (lb)

*{Junbug}* Instant Crush in Pearl for Collabor88

[LeLutka]-EVILLY staff (came with Evilly hair)
SLink Sachara Elf Ears
SLink Hands


Garden of Dreams


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