Only a few minutes late the party this time – LAQ Saga

LAQ Saga
Saga from Laqroki, another skin that made me smile, was released over the weekend. I have been a fan of Mallory Cowen since my noob days in SL. In fact, my first high dollar purchase in SL was Drew back in 2007 when the brand was called RaC.  Since then, I have stuck with Ms. Cowen through thick and thin and given her a good amount of L I should say!  No one can deny that  the quality of her work has been consistent over the years, along with her releases continuing to be original and inventive.

There are a few things though I would change about her latest releases if it was all possible though. First is the lack of eyebrow colors:  I am normally a Ginger and I was quite sad that red brows weren’t an option.  Secondly the face is still rather young. Yes I know, youthfulness is in but I would like to see some great quality skins like this that scream late twenties perhaps.  Lastly, the nose needs to be tweaked just a bit; as a friend pointed out, the nostrils are a bit red.

Overall I love this skin and can see myself wearing it on a regular basis.  Because of Saga, I cannot wait to see what else Mallory releases with her new “Essentials” line.  Okay that’s it for now, so take care my friends and have a great Second Life!

Hair: !lamb. Ruby (Mesh) – Sunset
Skin: LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.0
Makeup: LAQ ~ Eye Makeup 02
LAQ ~ Eye Makeup 10
LAQ ~ Saga Lips 01
Freckles: *League* Isla Freckles -Pale (Tattoo Layer)

MG – Earrings – Santa Fe for FAMeshed
*[MeshedUp]*_Selena_Choker Green 1