The Adventures of Elle the Peasant – Chapter 3

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 “Mistress,” Tina said while showing me a pieced of parchment she had been glancing over. “Why is a letter tucked into my Master’s receipts for the location in Ar?” Tina was my companion’s slave and had been prior to his return to Ko-Ro-Ba from Ar. We had moved to Ko-Ro-Ba during my seventeenth Gorean year. The shop in Kassau had been merely an outpost for my Merchant mum and dad but Ko-Ro-Ba was their home stone. It was an old and distinguished Merchant House that I found myself a part of as a ward of my Merchant Mum. The main shop was in Ko-Ro-Ba but they also had a very large business holding, largely textile distribution, in Ar. Due to the success of their other interests and my design business, it made more since to move back to Ko-Ro-Ba. Plus, the travel routes to the Sardar were much less complicated from Ko-Ro-Ba and for all intensive purposes; my new customer’s were largely as a result of the quarterly fairs. My true parents reluctantly agreed but I continued to send them quarterly support payments with the employees that traveled back and forth between Kassau and Ko-Ro-Ba.

I was companioned to Tina’s Master at the tender age of eighteen in a quickly arranged contract between my Merchant Mum and my true parents, who were both brought to Ko-Ro-Ba to finalize things. I didn’t understand the need for it but my parents insisted it was to be. My companion was the son of the Lady Merchant, about 50 years older than me too. He was a strikingly handsome man and had never been companioned. Tina was his preferred slave. Oddly I liked Tina from the minute I met her and even though in public I normally act aloof and distant to her, in private she was my closest confidante.

Tina loved Silus, my companion, with her heart and soul and from all indications he loved Tina as well. I was eighteen and completely disinterested in being a doting companion to him so Tina took my place in that regard. I had my designs and my sketches and for now that was enough to make me feel complete. When asked my thoughts about the pending arrangement, I objected and quite strongly. But for the sake of my True family, I went through with it. “Not only will your earnings be yours, Elle, minus our standard fees,” the Lady Merchant said to me, “but you will also raise Caste with this arrangement. You will truly be of our family now and will also be in a position to help your parents if ever needed.”

Tina saved me time and time again from having to lie with Silus at night: He tried and tried and tried to get me to lay with him but every time I came up with some sort of ruse for Tina to intervene. Eventually we came up with a code phrase “Tina, did you wash my night dress today?” and with that, Tina would wield her slave magic upon him and seduce my companion with a mere touch to his strong jaw line.

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We did lie together enough to produce two children, a girl and a boy: The girl during my nineteenth Gorean year, Liesl and the boy during my Twentieth, Aleksandar. At times, Silus would frighten me in the manner in which he would look at me, his lust seething as he examined me with his eyes. So I resisted as much as I could his advances toward me. More times than not, Tina was the solution I sought. I knew as a Free Woman he must respect my decision to not lie with him and on top of that, I was the mother of his children.

Oddly after the second child, he offered me the Wine of the Noble Free Woman stating that the second pregnancy seemed to be hard on my figure. I agreed to take it but couldn’t help but wonder why he cared about my figure – he had Tina to lust over. Due to my repeated rebuffs to take our relationships into the his private room, whenever the year of our companionship contract was up for renewal, I always assumed he would not renew – but oddly every year he did.

All was good with the house. I enjoyed being a part of my Merchant Mum and Dad’s family and with my design business growing by leaps and bounds, I was able to procure my True Family a plot of land outside Ko-Ro-Ba and they happily moved there – along with my twelve younger brothers and sisters. But on that eventful day as Tina and I were reviewing the ledgers, things changed for me. It was during my twenty-third Gorean year when Tina and I found this letter – a letter that altered the way I looked at myself and the reason for my companionship, forever……

To Be Continued…….

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  1. Ebonii

    I happened to catch this in another blogroll and I’m happy I did. Now, I must know what is in the letter, other than a torturous cliffhanger. 🙂

  2. Daph

    You know, you are worse that those cheap thriller-romance novel writers who like to leave cliffhangers at the end of chapters.

    I’m expecting an update soon Ms. Couerblanc.