The Adventures of Elle the Peasant – Chapter 2

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Please note I am not advocating Teen Avatar RP in SL gor.  But I am curious myself how Norman would have addressed conversations between parents and teens about the realities of Gor. That is of course if he chose to create well developed characters and stories!

“Show me you breasts, Elle,” My Lady Merchant said to me as I sat in my bed one night. “Wha’ you mean?” I replied. “No, Elle,” My Lady Merchant said to me in a firm tone, “Do not say ‘WHA’ YOU MEAN’ like some common peasant but instead say ‘What DO you mean’?” I looked at her strangely then said, “But I am OF the Peasants, Lady.” She gave me that look so with a sigh I said mimicking her tone and inflections “What do you mean, Lady?”

“Much better Elle,” she said smiling, “and I am asking to look at your breasts because I need to see how womanly you are becoming. We will be going to the Sardar in less than a hand and I need to make sure you are female assets are well, not emphasized?” She laughed and shook her head a bit. “You are sixteen now Elle and it seems overnight you have become a woman.”

I looked at the Lady Merchant like she was daft and reluctantly pulled down my nightdress. “There, I said in an aggravated tone, “my teats. Happy?”

“Not teats, Elle…breasts. How many times must I tell you Elle, stop talking like a peasant,” The Lady Merchant said firmly. “But I AM a Peasant,” I exclaimed. She looked at me shaking her head as she visually examined my teats. “You might be OF the peasants Elle, but that is no excuse to BE a peasant,” she said in the voice she used every time we had our “grammar” lessons.

“They are too large and too, well firm. We must hide them better when we go to the Sardar.” She rose, went to my cutting table and came back to my bedside with a long piece of rep cloth. “Hold up your arms dear, above your head,” she said and began to wind the cloth about my teats. Around and around she went the cloth as she rambled on about our upcoming trip to the Sardar and believe me the Lady Merchant loved to go on and on about things. And if I dared to roll my eyes at her “life lessons” as she called them, WHACK, would go her hand to the top of my head!

Sorry, but as the Lady Merchant says “I digress.” So there I was sitting on my bed with Lady Merchant wrapping my teats with the rep cloth. “It is a different world there, Elle,” she said to me as she finished wrapping “Men of much larger cities are about, and well, slavers.” I looked at her like she was a crazy person when she said the word slavers but kept silent. “We need to make sure your assets are deemphasized.” I looked at her like she was insane but said nothing.

It was my first time going to the Sardar Fair to sell my dresses myself and I could not WAIT! The last few fairs the Lady Merchant sent my dresses with their usual goods and they were a HIT. Rumor has it that during the last fair an agent of an Ubara bought one of my dresses. I about died when I heard this, DIED! Things had really changed in the last year. No longer was I just sewing the dresses but now I was sketching, then sewing what the Lady Merchant called “a PROTO-Type” then the other women she now employed in the shop sewed several more of the “PROTO-type”. But for this upcoming fair I was going to get to go!

“Why you covering me teats, Lady” I said as she tied the rep cloth strip underneath my armpit. She looked at me sternly “Do not say “why you covering me teats,” but instead say “why are you covering my breasts, lady.” Again, I looked at her like she was crazy. But she gave me that look so I knew better than to argue.” Fine,” I said in my annoyed teenager tone, ” Why are you covering my breasts, Lady?” She sighed and looked at me with her motherly expression she would show from time to time.

“Because we need to make sure that when a man expresses interest in you it is for your potential companion price, not for your womanly assets. “ She breathed in and out and few then continued, “A woman’s role in this world is to find a companion, support his house and give him children… or so they think.” She laughed as I stared at her – my mouth open in horror. “I ain’t birthin’ no babies, Lady,” I blurted out. “Elle, don’t say ‘I ain’t birthin ’no babies,” she said mocking my accent, “Instead say “I am not giving birth to children.” With a long sigh and a roll of my eyes I said in my best attempt to once again mimic her accent and tone “I am NOT giving birth to children…and well I ain’t.”

But instead of whacking me on my head, the Lady Merchant rose laughing, turned off the light and said to me in her loving voice “Good night my child and for tomorrow’s lesson, we shall talk a bit more about the men of Gor.” I waved my hand in my teenager way and said in my best teenager tone “Fine…whatever you say Lady.” With that she gave me a smile and walked out the door.

*Fashion details will be shared on a later post

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