The Adventures of Elle of the Peasants – Chapter 1

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away – well not really – actually on a planet opposite earth, there lived a pretty little peasant girl just outside of Kassau on her family farm.  As a child, she lived a simple life – tending to the verr and bosk, maintaining the crops, all the normal things peasant children do on Gor. But this little girl was a dreamer, fueled by a talent for sketching and the stories of life in the big cities on Gor told to her by a slave girl of Ar as she put the little girl to bed at night.  Alone in her furs with only her thoughts about as she drifted off to sleep, the little imagined how it might be in Glorious Ar – the dances and teas and the clothing worn by high caste women of this grand city.  Then one day around her tenth Gorean birthday, she was given a charcoal writing instrument and parchment of her own.   On this very parchment, she began to sketch the beautiful dresses and head drapings she imagined in her mind.

Not only did this little girl have a talent for sketching but the little peasant girl also had a talent for sewing, which her mother picked up on quickly.  More often than not, she was kept behind in the house by her mother to work alongside her, fine tuning her sewing skills, as her siblings ran off to tend to the fields. It didn’t take long for the little peasant girl to come up with her very first original design – a head covering in fact – similar to a bonnet but so beautifully stitched and adorned with beads and small decorative stones that it became something special.  Her mother seeing the originality of the bonnet took her daughter one day to the nearby town of Kassau and began selling the bonnets in the open market in the middle of town.  The bonnets were a hit!  Women from all over came to the market to buy them. Within a few short months, the little girl’s bonnets could be seen on many of the heads of the fine women in town.

As the little girl blossomed onto the verge of womanhood, so did her talent. Eventually she moved from bonnets to more elaborate pieces including dresses, skirts, vests and other forms of female fashion. Her looks were way beyond her years, her stitching impeccable and with the accompanying beadwork, her designs were uniquely hers.  Mainly using simple rep cloth and wool, the little girl learned folding, draping and dying techniques that had not been seen before in the simple northern town of Kassau. Most of her dresses though were not sold but instead worn by her and her mother during their trips into town.  But one fateful day in her fourteenth gorean year when she wore a particularly spectacular dress, the girl and her mother were in town on their weekly trip to sell the girl’s bonnets when a woman of the merchants caught site of the a dress the girl had on and was awe struck. 

Now this particular merchant was no ordinary merchant but instead was the lady of the house of one of the wealthiest Merchant homes in Kassua.  Her family business was enormously prosperous mainly dealing in fabrics and textiles supplying the land from Laura to Torvaldsland.  Curious as to how a simple peasant girl would have on a dress as fine as this, the woman approached the mother and daughter to find out more.  After talking with the mother and daughter, the woman was shocked to find out that not only did the girl make the garment herself, but it was made from of all fabrics – simple rep cloth. 

As she walked away, the merchant woman came up with a plan – something that would not only benefit her house but the home of the simple peasant girl.  So the following week, the woman once again approached the mother and daughter and proposed to the mother that she allow the girl to move to Kassau as her ward. The girl would work for the Merchant woman designing and creating clothing and a percentage of the profits would go back to the girl’s family.  After much deliberation, the girl’s parents agreed to the plan as long as the Merchant Woman set aside a companionship fund for their daughter and at the time of her companionship or eighteenth gorean birthday whichever came first, the girl’s earnings would become her own.  So at the tender age of fourteen the simple peasant girl moved from her family farm outside Kassau to the fine home of the merchant and thus beginning a new chapter in her life.

To be continued…..

*Inspired by Project Runway and a contestant by the name of Bert

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