Chapter 6 – Darkness

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It was well past the 20th Ahn and the sweet song of slumber had yet to fill my ears. It was like this every night since Silus’s death a few weeks past now. I would toss and turn until I was almost incoherent before I could finally fall asleep. Soon after Tina was sold, I began to spend my evenings with him in his bedroom and I had never been happier.  But since his untimely journey to the City of Dust, I refused to go into his room for any reason.  Instead I would retire to my old room, alone, with only my thoughts of that last night we shared at the Sardar to keep me company.

Our children were now twenty-six and twenty-five Gorean years.  Liesl, my daughter and eldest child, was in her fourth year of companionship to a man of Ko-Ro-Ba’s most prominent house of the Caste of Warriors, and had two babes of her own.  Our son, Aleksandar, was now in Ar learning the textile distribution side of our House business, along with enjoying the life of a well-to-do young man in the city.  He returned home immediately when he received word of Silus’s death and begged me to allow him to stay behind in Ko-Ro-Ba to protect me, but I would not have it.  I demanded that he return to Ar to watch out for our business interests there since our House was now vulnerable, and also, so his Uncle could groom him to eventually take his place as a leader of the House.  Aleksandar was the eldest male child of the Head of House thus it was expected he would play a major role in the family business.

Liesl had been staying with me in the house since her father’s death along with my true Mother and my Merchant Mum. The women of the family had banded together after the tragedy – regardless of caste differences – to support me in this time of need. We knew as women we were vulnerable without a man in our life and with the death of Silus, the women of the family surrounded me as sign of loyalty and protection.  Often times, this protective stance among women transcended position and caste and the signs were so subtle that the men of our world may not recognize it.

My days were filled with activities with the women in my life, their laughter and presence a joy to me in my time of need.  During the day when alone, I threw myself into my work, sketching and sewing, as I tried my best to block out the pain inside me. But at night, I could not escape – I felt more alone than I ever had been. My sadness would take over as I would lie there alone in the furs. This particular night was seemingly no different than any other as I lost myself in my thoughts of him and that magical night in the Sardar.  Nevertheless, I would soon learn that was not the case.

To Be Continued…..

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