Chapter 5 – Changes

“Silus,” I said cheerfully as we were going through our planning session for the upcoming Sardar Fair. “I see we have a letter here from that Ubara – you know the one we have affectionately nicknamed The Bitch.” In the room were Silus, my companion of many years now, his favored slave Tina, and myself; and since the children were now seventeen and eighteen respectively for the most part our trips to the Fairs were becoming just the three of us. When the conversation turned to the Ubara know we referred to as “The Bitch” we all broke out in laughter. “Yes,” Silus said dryly once the laughter had died down, “seems she wants to schedule another private session with us in the next hand or so. Her hope is to see some previews of what we plan to show at the Sardar Fair.”

I smiled and glanced at Tina “What do you think Tina? Should we oblige her?” I looked her coyly, “Remember what happened the last time we visited her.”
Tina nodded “Yes, I do and I never got the black wine stains out of my tunic. But she does offer good coin, Mistress.” She smirked and began writing the appointment down in our schedule. “Should I include our customary, um, shall I say fee we have established for clients of her…caliber?”

I laughed heartily at her comment, turning my gaze to Silus. He was looking at me intently in the way that normally would make me uncomfortable. But as of late, I began to not mind his lavicious glances in my direction. I leaned in his direction, my undone hair cascading about my shoulders. I was seated quite close to him at his desk to overlook some documents he was working on. “What do you think Silus? Is The Bitch fee appropriate in this case?” I said in a playful tone, my eyes meeting his.

Silus leaned over as well, his lips brushing my cheek for a moment. He pulled back slightly and said “Why yes my Lady. I think The Bitch fee is quite in order for THIS Ubara.” We both laughed and simultaneously reached out to touch each other’s hand, looking deep to each other’s eyes. After seemingly an ehn or so, we pulled apart and both moved our gaze to Tina. There she sat in silence just staring at us, wide eyed, her mouth agape. An uncomfortable feeling fell over the room and then we all returned to our work in silence.

A hand or so later, Tina begged of me to be sold.

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