Adventures of Elle of the Peasants – Chapter 4 – A Vignette

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“Mummy, do you like Tina,” Liesl asked me one night as I was putting her to bed.  She was now a grown up 7 year old Gorean girl or so she thought in the way she was starting to ask questions it seems. “Why do you ask my Ubara?” I replied. I called my childen Ubar and Ubara affectionately because in may ways at the tender ages of six and seven, they did rule my world in my ways. “Well,” she said as she looked up at me, “I just wondered because at night she goes into daddy’s room and well you do not.  So I wondered if you didn’t like her because of that.” She looked at me a moment, a questioning look on ther face. “Why does she do that, Mummy?

I laughed soflty as I looked at my daughter’s face, innocent and full of wonder.  How could I answer this question she is posing of me now. She is so young and life to her is full of promise, adventure and fantasies which is how it should be in the world of a seven year old girl. Did I dare tell her now the realities of things as a woman in Gor and the difficulties she might face when it is time for her to come to terms with the fact that her life choices may not be hers to make.    question.

I smiled while I brushed a wisp of hair from her eyes. “Liesl there are some things in life that are difficult to explain to your right now, ” I said hesitantly as I looked into her innocent eyes. “But I guess one could say that in Gor there are two types of women:  Those that are ‘Tinas’ and those that are ‘Mummies’.”

I stood up from the bed and walked over to her shelf full of dolls and other stuffed creatured.  I brought back two of the dolls, one with yellow yarn hair and the other brown.  I sat back on the bed and placed the dolls on the bed next to me. Picking up the brown haired doll, I smiled at held it out towards her “The ‘Mummies” are in charge of the house of the Daddy, making it beautiful, filling it up with children and taking care of things in the house.  Sometimes Mummies also work such as I do, creating and making things for the Daddy’s business or just helping Daddy run it better.”  Setting the brown haired doll down gently, I picked up the yellow yarn haired doll, gently stroking the yarn as I spoke. “Now the Tinas of the world,” I said a bit more softly, “are in charge of making the Daddies of Gor happy – taking care of them in othe ways the Mummy cannot.”

I paused as she opened her mouth to speak. “Are all Tinas slaves?” she said quietly. “Yes my Ubara. For the most part they are,” I replied.

“Are most Tinas not allowed to do what you do?” She asked softly.

“What do you mean my child?” I replied.

“Well you get to draw dresses all day. Then make one pretty dress. Then tell the ladies in the shop to make more. Then you get to count all the pretty gold coins and buy things.” she said excitedly. “Do the Tinas get to do that?”

Chuckling at her enthusiasm I said to her, “Well a few do but most I am afraid, do not.  Only if their Master allows it to be so.”  I paused as I contemplated my words carefully.  “It is the will of their owner f they are ever allowed to draw or to work or even to sew.”

She looked at me with her mouth agape “So the Tinas do not choose what they do most of the time?”

“They do as their owner says my child,” I replied.  “They are only allowed as much freedom as their Master chooses,”

“Hmm,” she said as she shifted her head a bit to the right. “Do most Mummies hate the Tinas?” she said sweetly, “I know my friend Cara’s Mummy doesn’t like her daddy’s Tina.”  I laughed softly and looked in the direction of the door for an ihn or two before answering. “Yes, Liesl.  I am afraid most Mummies hate the Tinas because they are something a Mummy cannot be.”

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I was quiet for a moment as I once again brushed awy an errant hair in front of her eyes. “But to answer your original question, I do like Tina because she puts my mind at ease about certain things in my life. Things that you to young to understand yet, my child.”

I stroked her hair gently as she looked up the ceiling in silence. As she turned her eyes back towards me she said quietly “Mummy, will I be a Tina or a Mummy when I am grown?”  Her eyes were filled with concern and her lip began to quiver. Placing a finger on her lips which is what I did to let her know it was time for her to be silent. “I am afraid I cannot answer that question my Ubara because in our world our fates lay in the hands of the Daddies around us.”

I ran my hand softly down bothe sides her face then leaned over to dim the light. “Mummy,” she said quietly “Might I go to work with you tomorrow?”

I was suprised at her request since she had never asked in the past to go to the shop with me, willingly. “Why of course you may, Liesl. But why the sudden interest in my shop?” I said.”

“Well Mummy,” she replied “Perhaps if I learn to draw like you when I grow up I will be a Mummy and not a Tina.”

Dumbfounded at her question, I just sat there looking at her, not having a single clue how to respond. So instead, I leaned over and kissed her goodnight then rose from the bed to leave.  When I reached the door, I stopped and glanced back at Liesl. My face was cheerful and strong when our eyes met but inside I was filled with fear –  not only for my daughter but for myself and what may lie ahead for both of us.

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