Channeling Gogo

The other day on plurk I was sitting there reading my timeline and taking on the emo gloriousness going on around me.  I thought to myself “Elle/Lizzie/Elizabeth/Betty it’s been a while since you indulged in emo plurkitudediness so why not give it a whirl once again?”  So I did it:  I emo plurked about blogging and my lack of motivation lately.  Of course my friend and fellow plurky pal Gogo commented and made the following suggestion regarding what I should do blogwise:

2011-7-27 – 04:41PM sChmOOpS says wear everything i wear
2011-7-27 – 04:42PM sChmOOpS says gogo’s looks, as interpreted by Elle
2011-7-27 – 04:42PM sChmOOpS says lol

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself “Why not channel Gogo at least once in a post?”  Now, I pondered this idea for a bit thinking to myself over and over the following:  “How would one channel Gogo fashion wise in SL without looking exactly like her?”  Well my friends, first off blonde hair would be a requirement but not Gogo blonde since Elle is much more of a dirty girl than our blonde bombshell blogger we have all grown to know and love.  So why not use a blonde that looks a bit…well dirty as in hot Lamb hair dirty.

Then of course we would have to wear heels, a sexy top and glam jewelry.  Yes I know I cut off the shoes in the photo but for some reason I was floating in these shoes!  Off topic for a moment and yes I admit I am a bit late to the prim feet shoe craze but why the hell do I appear to float when I wear these types of shoes?  Am I too freakin’ short?  HELP!

Any who, I think I did a pretty good job at channeling Ms. Blondness – well a dirty talkin’, Gor lovin’, bordering on Britney Spears vagina flashin’ Gogo – but you get the idea.  Okay that’s all I got today and is per the norm – I wish you well and a happy role playing/channeling/stalking a second life blogger, second life!

*Oh if you care to join me on plurk and my oh so drama filled and exciting time line, join me here.  If you haven’t discovered Juicybomb, Gogo’s blog, I suggest you visit ASAP. It’s one of the longest running fashion blogs about Second Life and Second Life fashion, woot!

Hair: !lamb. Wild Nothing – Honeycomb Roots
Skin: *League* Sia Pale Feline -Frex

{mon tissu} Cropped Tank Top – Taupe


[CheerNo Femme] KAMALA – Wicker Bag Yellow Leather
Dark Mouse Baroque Flower Necklace – Gold (Spine)
[Armidi Gisaci] Metallic Tres Bangles – 24 Carat Gold

Olive Juice

Monaco Yachts