A Real Life Lizzie Lexington

A Real Life Lizzie Lexington

I love it when I find real life references to my second life – whether it be a place also featured in SL or perhaps a fabulous outfit someone is wearing. Lately I have been thinking about my avatar Lizzie Lexington and how she was so unusual for her time. Imagine 2009, the blogs were filled with images of über Super models – tall, sometimes with ginormous breasts and all looking so cool and beautiful. Suddenly on the scene pops up this chubby, glasses wearing avatar with ill-fitting clothes. Boy did I think I was unique…back then!

Okay, I digress…back to real life and the point of the post. So I work in a multi-use complex – offices, apartments and shopping – and because of this I have all sorts of opportunities to people watch. Last Friday, I was taking a break with a co-worker outside the Starbucks and this girl passes by – a real life Lizzie Lexington in fact! After staring at her way too long and probably making her uncomfortable, LOL, a light bulb went off in my head: Why not emulate her outfit in SL!

With task in hand, I set out to style my avatar just like this real life Lizzie Lexington and, boy, was I relentless in getting this done.  So here it is my friends,  this fabulous outfit you see here is the result of my labor of love. Thank you real life Lizzie Lexington – wherever you are!

Hair: [e] elikatira Abbey – Brown 02
Skin: *League* Isla Pale Natural Brunette (Chest D)
Makeup – *League* Isla -Pale Lipstick SmokyRose Matt

(TokiD) Toki-Doki summer nights cardigan (beige)
Tram – to one lounge – ‘Godetia'(aisumitya)

[*RG*] Redgrave British Loafers -Brown- *REDGRAVE*

-tb- Tres Blah Cat Eye Glasses – brown
{mon tissu} Favorite Wool Tights ~ Black 1
P.C; Paper Couture Long Beaded Bow Necklace

dfo! (Don’t Freak Out)