A Conversation by the Temple

Standing near the Temple of the Priest-Kings, Elle pretended she wasn’t paying attention to the heated conversation occurring between her Master, Cor, and his new companion Olympia.  Her thoughts drifted back to that night in the tea room where Olympia revealed to her the way in which Cor actually brought her to Clearchus – kidnapped and  forced to remain.   She glanced over and regarded Olympia for few moments, noticing the anxiety in both her facial expressions and tone of voice.  They were both women, born of the scribes, who’s lives are now controlled by a the same man.  But when Elle was forced into Cor’s chains she was merely a caste-less, branded and recently freed slave and Olympia could offer him much more.

Elle continued to listen to Cor and Olympia as the conversation turned to children. Cor was expecting an heir from his new companion and sadly for Olympia he was not a patient man. Biting her lip, she slowly approached her owners and quickly found her way next to Olympia.  She looks at Cor, her lips pursed, her fists clenched doing her best to hide the anger inside her.  As each day goes by and the more Elle learns about him from his actions and from what she has learned in working on his business ledgers…she questions whether or not he truly is an honorable man.  The conversation between her owners continues, but in the back of her mind she thinks and plots and shuffles ideas back and forth on how she might play a role in saving Olympia from the tyrant of their household known as Cor Tarrant.

To be continued…….

Hair:  >TRUTH< Martina – carrot
Skin:  *League* Sia Pale Bloom -Frex

BoHo HoBo– Long Velvet Skirt(coal) (Fashion tip provided by Ms. Bree Quingly)

BoHo HoBo Sandals ()

miel – FRIENDO bracelet
[MANDALA] Soul Blue Earrings

Long Awkward Pose

Clearchus Woods

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