Dear Diary By Lizzie Lexington (day 75 in my return to Second Life)

Luncheon 2
Dear Diary,

It is so difficult being a nerd girl in Second Life these days. All these new “mesh” outfits are completely stressful for a chubby, oddly shaped avatar like myself. After being absent from Second Life for a couple of years, I come back and discover the fashion designers (and Linden Labs) have forced this concept of STANDARD SIZES upon us. Sadly I discovered my nerd figure is between two sizes – medium and large. Because of this I had two options when came to clothing: Gain weight or buy a pair of virtual Spanx. I chose the latter.

Luncheon 1

For the first time in my virtual existence, I pushed my squishy body into a set of these virtual torture devices just so I could venture out to a lunch on the lovely sim Leroy. Unfortunately, the Spanx made me feel so constricted and pinched, my desire to eat had left. So instead of enjoying the plethora of tarts and pastries offered to me, I just sat on a stump and stared at them. “Woe is me,” I thought to myself. “Perhaps I should set aside my vanity and just indulge myself in these wonders of dough till I fit perfectly into a large.” But….vanity got the best of me in the end.

Luncheon 3

When I returned home from the lunch I pushed myself out of the Spanx like toothpaste coming out of the tube, threw on a pair of texture shorts and a top, slipped my feet into my favorite plastic prim jellies from Fashionably Dead (circa 2007 or maybe even 2006) and ate an entire box of Twinkies till I could eat no more.  What a perfect ending to a less than perfect day.

Well that’s all I have for now Diary – so take care and wish me a great Second Life.

Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Flora” (Red amber)
Skin: The Shops! THESKINSHOP (09) (BODY) ‘Toned’ (soft)
Tattoos: THESKINSHOP (09) (FACE) ‘Pixie’ (soft)
THESKINSHOP (09) (EYES) ‘Pixie’ (Red)

(TokiD) Toki-Doki Mira Dress (Orange)
(Milk motion) classic cardigan-yellow

(Yummy) Bow Scarf – Cream
*Strawberry harvest bag* freebie at Leroy sim

**DECO – MESH Harness Boots (soil)**