Role Play Character Backstory – Druscilla Paulus, Free Woman of Gor

Druscilla Paulus
Druscilla is currently played by the avatar known as Elle Couerblanc. My previous long term character, Elle AKA Opal AKA Aella Consenza Amaris, was moved to the avatar known as Elizabeth Hallstrom for Druscilla’s story to unfold. God, I love display names!

Druscilla Paulus – Gorean Born Free Woman of Brundisium, daughter of the former regent, Clitus Paulus. Mother, Sigourney Sempati, Red Caste once of Treve. Her maternal grandfather is Ven Sempati of Cardonicus, Red Caste.

Druscilla grew up pampered, wealthy and coddled – and to Druscilla the world is hers to possess and rule.  She was the youngest daughter of five girls and until now, had resisted the advances of would be suitors seeking a companion of her status and wealth.  In her eyes none of these men had what it took to elevate her life to what she desired.  Eventually though, her father refused to relent to her demands and gave her an ultimate:  Companion the man he chose or be sent off to live sister in the isolated town of Kassau – far, far away from the high cities she loved.

The man chosen by her father was Xamirus Mannix – the Evil Banker of Ar.  Once her companion price was paid to his agents, she traveled for almost two Gorean months until she finally reached a Turian merchant outpost near the City of Koroba.  It was there that she met her intended.  For Druscilla, this is not a companionship of love nor passion – it is two minds coming together for the sole purpose of moving up the political ranks of whatever city they call home.  Relentless in her pursuit of status, she will do anything she can help elevate her companion’s caste and reputation among the cities elite.

Since the ceremony, her life has been one of leisure, parties and whirl of social events.  She rarely interacts with Xamiurs but instead leaves him to spend his nights with his love slave Opal, while she entertains the many guests who frequent House Mannix.  The idea of actual work, particularly caste work, is a foreign concept to her and she will do absolutely anything to avoid it.  Much to her chagrin, as of late, her companion has pushed more caste work upon her, particularly involving his own House accounts.

Conflict is the theme of the companionship between Druscilla and Xamirus.  Not only because of Xamirus’s expectations of her contributing to the House beyond its social and domestic needs, but now he had foiled Druscilla’s plans for him to raise caste to Scribes and instead is pursuing the life of the warrior.  It was Druscilla’s dream to the companion of a Regent and head a house of full of social grace and gentility.  The life a Warrior’s companion is not want she bargained for and she will do everything she can to stop Xamirus it his pursuit of what she calls his “fool’s journey.”

And so the story continues…..

Skin: *League* Isla Pale Natural Brunette (Chest D)

Bilo- Chandramukhi LS-Lime (top)
Bilo- Chandramukhi Skirt (Hot Pink)
Hood and Cape from *Ladylicious* Sasi (Cream) (marketplace only – creator is Poisonous Adored)
Veil from *Ladylicious* Sasi (Cream) (marketplace only – Poisonous Adored)

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