The Life of a Paga Tavern Slave

From where she knelt she could see the low-hanging tharlarion oil lamps of the main portion of the Paga tavern, the men, the girls in silk who, in a moment, belled, would move among them, replenishing the paga.
Assassin of Gor

The girl moved about the crowd with the flask of Paga cradled by her right arm.  It would be long night at the Paga tavern and under the stern hand of her Master, the tavern owner, and she must be in her best form in her service.  Not only is it her duty to serve the paga but for the cost of the drink she may also be “used” by the patron in one of the many alcoves in the corners of the room and the floor above.  She is one of many girls owned by her Master here to serve the free in the tavern.  At some point when she earns her Master’s trust, she will be allowed to roam the streets of the city as advertisement for the tavern and to ultimately bring men back to the tavern to spend their hard earned coin.  Another one of her Master’s girls across from her was being pulled into an alcove with a look of shock on her face.  She noticed the tavern owner jump from behind the bar and grab the patron’s shoulder, pulling him back.  Her Master yelled “She is a dancer fool…it will be extra for HER use.”  The man then released the girl and returned to his table to sulk.

Such is the life of the Paga Tavern slut – serving in her Master’s house during the day such as cleaning and cooking – but at night she must be her most beautiful and alluring while serving in the tavern.  Because the more beautiful the girls, the more coin the men will spend which in the end will make her Master very happy.

Hair: >TRUTH<Jolie Streaked – jupiter
Skin: *League*Amber Pale -Glam- Frex

ViGo – Maud emerald

SLinkJolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet Low

Necklace and Bracelet: *La Forgia Jewels – Esmeralda Set* in Grey
Earrings: Dark Mouse Cascading Beads Earring – Silver

Diesel Works

Isle of Tyros – City of Tentium