Gorean Roles: Peasant Woman of Gor

“Run” cried the woman. “Flee for your life”
I saw her eyes wild with fear for a moment above the
rep-cloth veil and she had sped past me.
She was peasant, barefoot, her garment little more than
coarse sacking. She had been carrying a wicker basket con-
taining vulos, domesticated pigeons raised for eggs and meat.
~ Nomads Of Gor

The Caste of Peasants, as written in Tarnsman of Gor: 

“Economically, the base of the Gorean life was the free peasant, which was perhaps the lowest but undoubtedly the most fundamental caste, and the staple crop was a yellow grain called Sa-Tarna, or Life-Daughter.”

They are the backbone of Gorean society and their mode of dress and mannerisms reflect their status.  Rarely do they live in “civilized” Gor, in as much as they live most of their lives in palisade villages located near the fields in which they work tending to the crops and animals.  They are rarely literate and are largely described as ignoble, brutal, ignorant and superstitious.  But these descriptions may a result of the larger Gorean society’s attempts to limit their understanding and knowledge of the world as a whole.

In an effort to keep the lower castes in its place, including the peasants, they are for the most only exposed to what is called “First Knowledge”:  A worldview largely based on myths and lies such as the world is flat and does not move through space, that magic is real and the initiates are the possessors of this magic.  This is because most Gorean Cities are dependent upon the work of the peasants for food, grain and produce and other harsher labors.  So if the peasants were to attempt to rise in caste, the larger society might lose a vital work force. 

She wore a sleeveless, calf-length brown dress, woven of the wool of the bounding hurt. This was, in spite of the lack of sleeves, clearly the garment of a free woman. That could be told by such things as its quality, length, sturdiness and opacity. It did not, for example, as might have rep cloth, a light, clinging fabric often used for slave garments, make obvious the lineaments of its occupant’s figure. But, too, it was surely the sort of garment that would be likely to be worn only by a woman of the lower castes. It was a simple, plain, everyday work garment. -Vagabonds of Gor

Simple, and unsophisticated is how one might describe the behavior of the peasant and for the Peasant Free Woman, practical and at times, less than ladylike. The garments of a Peasant Women reflect this practical lifestyle.  Often lacking in color and may at times reveal her arms and shoulders, it still reflects modestyin as much as the garments of the Peasant Women would never reveal her curves. 

The Gorean Peasant Women may be the most independent of all of the women in Gor and have been known to venture out into distant villages and buy her own way into companionship.  But even the Free Women of this caste can fall into the bounds of the collar.  If a peasant girl is deemed worthy, she may be stolen and enslaved by wandering outlaws or slavers.  But this may pose a challenge for her captor as reflected in the following quote:

Sometimes when low-caste women are enslaved they must be taught to be more ladylike, as their masters will have that of them. Their mouths, for example, may be washed out with soap, literally. That is a symbolic, but surely unpleasant, lesson they are not likely to forget. And it may be repeated as often as the master pleases.

The Caste of Peasants ,”the ox on which the homestone rests” as Norman referred to them in Outlaw of Gor, is a rich and complex role in Gorean Role Play.  It is one in my opinion with many opportunities for creativity and ideas for those willing to take on the challenge. 

Hair: [LeLutka]- OFRA hair – IrishRed (NO head lock)
Skin:  *League* Amber Pale -Natural- Frex

Cloak:  Virgin Harlot – Tattered Cloak
Dress and Basket:  Charisma Sabra Peasant Woman (found on marketplace)

“>**DP**yumyum Shoes ———- Moccasins boots(gray knit)


Land of Corcyrus

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