Gorean Roles: Coin Girl

Coin Girl 2
Coin Girls – the lowest of the lowest slaves in the World of Gor.  She is a street slave sent out at night by her Master to earn coin but only for himself.  The Coin Girl is equivalent in a way to a modern day street prostitute but none of the earnings will ever be hers to keep.

Coin girls were a form of street slave, usually sent into the streets around dusk by their masters, who commonly own several of them, with a chain on their neck, to which would be attached, normally, a bell, to call attention to their whereabouts, and a small, locked coin box. And woe to the girl who returns with coins jangling in the box! To be sure, in some places, one might even have a paga slave, or a brothel slave, for as little as a tarsk bit.
Renegades of Gor pg 103
Coin Girl 1

Wound about the neck of the Coin Girl are chains with little lock box for her customers to place their coins by dropping it into a small shot – the box and chains are both secured with locks making it difficult to remove.  The use of locks and a locked box prevents not only the slave from touching the money, which is forbidden by many Masters, but keeps it safe from theft.

Too, it is not unknown for a master to sometimes send even an exquisitely trained, beautiful high slave into the streets, usually as a joke or a discipline. Such a girl knows that she must perform superbly. Some of the men she falls in with may have been hired by her master, to report back on the quality of her services.”
Guardsman of Gor pg 150
Coin Girl 3

At times even high slave is sent to the streets by her Master as a form of discipline or in attempt to assert his dominance upon her if she becomes too willful towards him. For a high slave, being reduced to the status of a coin girl is shameful and an embarrassment to her unlike any other potential punishment a Master could inflict upon his slave.

Currently my slave character has been reduced to that of a common coin girl – dropped from her pedestal as a high slave.  It should be an interesting twist in her story and as a representation of her change of status, her beautiful ginger tresses have been dyed almost black.  *sigh* Poor Elle, will she ever be granted her sandals and beautiful frocks once again?

Hair:  Analog Dog – dive dark
Skin:  *League* Sia Pale Natural -Frex
Lipsticks:  [ a.e.meth ] – Tasty Lipgloss (Cola) & Cheap Makeup– Miss Priss Lipgloss 5

Trident Coin Slut [Rust]

SLink Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet Low


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2 thoughts on “Gorean Roles: Coin Girl

  1. Adam Zadeh

    That’s to funny, recently I punished one of my girls by this exact same method. Interestingly enough, she enjoyed the change of pace…so maybe it was the wrong punishment for her!

    1. Elle Couerblanc Post author

      LOL Perhaps! I am actually enjoying slumming it a bit as a coin girl – it’s different perspective on Gor that I haven’t experienced yet.