Assassin of Gor

The man stood in the doorway, in the somber garb of his caste.
“I see you wear the scarlet of the warrior,” he said. It was true. I had awakened in the tunic of my caste. The furs had been taken from me.

“And you, my friend,” said I, “are clothed now in the proper habiliments of your caste.” He wore now, brazenly, the black of the Assassin. Over his left shoulder, looped on a ringed strap, he wore a blade, the short sword.
Beasts of Gor Book 12 Page 347

Yet none would stand in the way of Kuurus for he wore on his forehead, small and fine, the sign of the black dagger.
When he of the Caste of Assassins has been paid his gold and has received his charge he affixes on his forehead that sign, that he may enter whatever city he pleases, that none may interfere with his work.
Assassins of Gor Book 5 Page 6

Large Flagstaff – Assassin of Gor

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12 thoughts on “Assassin of Gor

  1. Isabelle Balfour

    /me sighs ain’t it the truth… maybe because they don’t run around collaring anything that moves and pose a tiny bit of a challenge perhaps? Hmm?

  2. Pay

    Liara just back away slowly…then quickly..don’t look…and viola, you’re still alive 🙂
    That’s a really great picture Elle!

    1. Liara Edring

      But but….what if I don’t mind being dead, so much? I mean, at least my last moments…. *fans self*