A She-Urts Tale (and a new look from Happy Tantrum)

I came across a beggar woman down by the docks one day, fishing for her evening meal – a dirty She-Urt who obviously been living on her own for sometime by her obvious state of disarray.  I regarded her and asked her politely, “Why don’t you seek the protection of the collar, Woman…your life would obviously be much improved from the way it is now.  The woman looked at me and laughed.  “A collar,” She said, “you must be joking.”  And with a softening of her voice she continued on with her tale…”Often times these men forget I am a free woman and look upon me in the same way they do a slave.  But I am quick to remind them I am not a slave…just merely a woman down on her luck.”

“From time to time I give myself to the men of this city for a few coins, but only when I am desperate or unable to fish or find a few scraps of food on a drunken sailor passed out somewhere in a dark alley.  I hate the idea of yielding to a man, but it is what I must do to survive.” 

“Yes I could submit myself to some lonely Free Man or some tavern keep but my freedom is what I value the most.  My life is hard and pitiful but unlike the slave girls of Gor, I have the right to wear a pair of shoes whenever I please. ”

“And so I live on the streets alone…no family or companion to care for me.  I am nothing but a She-Urt, a beggar – but I am a free beggar, dear lady.”  And with that she looked away from me and continued to fish.  I was bit taken aback by her words but as I walked away I couldn’t help but understand everything she said:  Some slave girls complain about the loss of their name…but for me, the loss of shoes would be much more important.

Hair: >TRUTH< Marcelle – carrot
Skin:  *League* Taylor Pale -Blonde-Angel- Frex

HT Happy Tantrum Down By The River (boots included)



4 thoughts on “A She-Urts Tale (and a new look from Happy Tantrum)

  1. Jill Beeswing

    Hi Elle, I love when you write about the different roles of women in Gor. As a newbie wandering around Gor trying to find my place; they are greatly appreciated!