If this hair and face paint by Truth Hawks ain’t made for a Panther Girl, I don’t know what is!

Find your hidden Forest Girl at Truth this week when you buy “Aiyana” hair and face paint – RAWR!

Hair: >TRUTH< Aiyana – jupiter
Skin:  Mynerva Sophie~Smokey~Brown Brows
Face Paint:  >TRUTH< Aiyana facepaint_red

Z.The Studio *Noun* pack * (shoes included)

[C] Captive Black Larl – Bead&Claw Necklace
Primus War Club 4.5
Leg Gear and Gloves from *Nordic Blond* Jak Pak-Bound in ropes

Just A Pose

Primus Weapons

7 thoughts on “TRUTH Aiyana – PANTHER GIRL HEAR ME ROAR!

    1. Elle Couerblanc Post author

      John, if you would bother to even look at my blog you would find that not only am I representing Gor in an artistic and upscale manner but also I am quite a decent writer. Yes I make typos but that could be due my sometimes posting late at night. I actually have a RL and have job as a professional in the software industry which means I have to get up early in the morning. Late night writing can decrease my attention to detail which may result in typos – so kill me okay! If anything “John” you are emotionally stunted if not intellectually for leaving a trolly comment such as this. You could have instead said nicely “Whoops Elle you have a typo,” but no you chose instead to go the ways of a troll and hide behind a fake name. Who is really the retard here my friend?

  1. Uma Dragovar

    Looking great Elle and was glad to read you were getting some RP. Just as a helpful chatty thing, Pixeldolls is getting in the world of tatoo layers and made some spanked/slapped ones, dirt ones, scars ones as well as more ordinary eyeshadow layers. The ones I bought were only 120l per pack of i think 8…just so you know. Dirt for example would be great for a number of rps etc. Go to the Flagship store at Port Seraphine if you want to see them. 🙂