Slave/Dancer of the Tahari

From one side a slave girl, barefoot, bangled, in sashed, diaphanous, trousered chalwar, gathered at the ankles, in tight, red silk vest, with bare midriff, fled to Him, with the tall, graceful, silvered pot containing the black wine. She was veiled. She knelt, replenishing the drink. Beneath the veil I saw the metal of her collar.
I had not thought to have such fortune. She did not look at me. She returned to her place with the pot of black wine.

—Tribesmen of Gor

The Tahari – the desert region of Gor.  Think of the Arabian Peninsula and there you will have an idea of the culture, landscape and people of the Tahari.  Largely a tribal culture with a few cities here – a real world reference would the Arab ethnic group known as The Bedouin.  The terrain of the Tahari is comprised largely of a hilly and rocky lands except for the dune country of the Tahari.  It is this dune region where most of SL gor sims are modeled after.

Ibn Saran lifted another finger. From the side there hastened to him another girl, a fair skinned, red haired girl. She, too, wore veil, vest, chalwar, bangles, collar. She carried a tray, on which were various spoons and sugars. She knelt, placing her tray on the table. With a tiny spoon, its tip no more than a tenth of hort in diameter, she placed four measures of white sugar, and six of yellow, in the cup; with two stirring spoons, one for the white sugar, another for the yellow, she stirred the beverage after each measure. She then held the cup to the side of her cheek, testing its temperature; Ibn Saran glanced at her; she, looking at him, timidly kissed the side of the cup and placed it before him. Then, her head down, she withdrew.
—Tribesmen of Gor

The slave girls of the Tahari are prized for their ability to dance and extensively groomed for pleasure.  In this region, the men like their slaves meaty and soft so they are well fed in general and even more so before they are placed for sale on the auction block.  The dance is of great importance to the Tahari men and in the Tahari you will find dancing chains and chairs commonly in use.  Pale skinned, “cold” women are of great value to the Tahari man as it is his greatest accomplishment as a slave owner to turn this cold slave into a “hot” pleasure slave.

The primary dress of the Tahari slave is a look called a chalwar.  Similar in style to the harem look of the middle east, chalwars are gathered at the feet and low on the hips and the material is generally daphenous in nature.  Interestingly enough,  some slaves are also veiled like the Free women of the region.

Probably the most stunning chalwar I have across in SL is the “harem” ensemble designed by Dream Resistance of Fantasia.  Dream specializes in hand-drawn looks for not only slaves of all regions of Gor but also Panthers (which are some of the best out there) and Free Women.

PAY ATTENTION LADIES – One very interesting aspect I came across in researching the Dancer slaves of the Tahari is the existence of a female character in the Tribesmen of Gor called Tarna, a female bandit chief.  The character of Tarna is often used to justify the existence of femlaws but in reading the blog post referenced here, the writer suggests she is merely a figure head being used by the males as means to end for them.   She is allowed to fight for some period of time but in the end is collared and put back in “rightful” place.  Either way in this girl’s eyes, the character of “Tarna” should allow some level of fem fighting or outlawism even if the player is aware that at any time she may be collared at the will of the males around her.

For me the “dancer of the Tahari” role would be a beautiful one to play out and bring to life for the right role-player.  Surprisingly, the number of Tahari sims are sparse in SL but over the next couple of weeks I intend to focus on some of these sims as an option to explore.  Until then be sure and check out Fantasia for not only the “harem” ensemble but many other wonderful looks as well.   Dream features Gorean inspired looks for the most part but she also offers other fantasy looks such as Fae and Elf.    So in closing, safe paths all and happy role-playing.

Hair: Exile Imogen/copper
Skin:  Mynerva ~Barely There~Brown Brows

~*Fantasia*~ Harem-Teal

SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Low

{JUNK} nouveau filigree hoop earrings

LAP – Long Awkward Pose

Klima (Tahari sim)

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  1. Strawberry Singh

    I really loved this post, very well researched and the pictures were fantastic! I especially love the composition and the look in your eyes in the first one…totally sexy. Great post <3

    1. Elle Couerblanc Post author

      Thank you Strawberry – your photos are wonderful so a compliment from you makes me feel very honored! BTW after I posted this piece I actually thought wow, this ensemble screams Strawberry – I am not kidding. You really should check out the sim featured in these photos for maybe for your own pictorial. The guys there are so welcoming and the build is amazing. Thanks again!

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