She Was A High Slave Part II

“A pretty one,” said a voice. It was a woman’s voice. She was incredibly beautiful. She wore a collar. Her garment was white, and came to her ankles, in classic folds. She did not wear the brief work tunic of the other girls. I gathered she was the high girl in the camp and I, and the other girls, would have to obey her. It is uncommon, where several girls are concerned, to put a woman over them. Men do not care to direct us in our tasks. They only wish to see that they are done.  Captive of Gor Pg 216

I imagine Ena, the high slave described in the excerpt above, would have dressed in a look similar to Casa Del Shai’s“La Eleganza”.  It is a beautifully draped and textured look and yes it is true, Casa Del Shaiis not a Gorean Brand by any means, but this look simply fits the role to the tee.

I tend to look at many of the characters of Captive of Gor as a point of reference in my role play.  Ena, in terms of how she carried out her duties as a High Slave is of particular interest.  In many ways, she seemed to be a mentor to the other girls and avoided the stereotypical slave rivalry I have seen in other books.  She was elegant, well mannered and caring and of course well dressed *smiles*.

*Many thanks to stiller Himmel for letting me know about this lovely dress via the Gorean Forums.  Also, please check out his blog, Silent Sky – it is simply divine.

Hair:  Exile Bianca/copper
Skin:  *League*Taylor Pale -Blonde-Angel- Frex

*Casa Del Shai* La Eleganza Dress White

Trident Coin Necklace & Armbands [Gold] [Box]
p.c; Paper Couture Organic Hoops

SLink Jolie Pied Achillia Gladiator Tan

Del May
Diesel Works