She was a High Slave (Elle’s LOTD)

I was thinking in terms of the high slave, one of great value, one who might even expect sandals, to say nothing of costly, if revealing, silks, and perhaps even a golden collar. – Witness of Gor pg 234

The role of high slave is one referred to in SL gor but rarely played as intended.  It is basically a slave of great value whether it be for her leadership skills amongst the other slaves, one beloved by a man of a high caste or some other attribute or skill.  She is a privileged slave so accordingly she is given more latitude in terms of dress and mannerisms :  The High Slave often wears sandals and may not ask permission to speak.  In many ways a high slave is similar to that of a courtesan and/or concubine and may be used by others to gain influence upon her Master.

When discussing the role of High Slave the concept of the “princess slave” may creep into the conversation.  “Princess slave” is derogatory term referring to a role player who acts a bit like a spoiled and pampered brat whether it be in character or out of character.  A High Slave can be a “Princess Slave” but they do not necessarily go hand in hand.  She may not also be the “love slave” meaning the slave so loved by her Master.  Overall, the role of high slave is about her status among the community versus her behavior or her relationship with her Master.  Ena from Captive of Gor is an excellent example of the leader type High Slave and one I would love to emulate in this role.

Not as a high slave, clothed in jewelries and shimmering silks, tastefully bound, is she to be conducted to the site of her performance, some aristocratic banquet… Guardsman of Gor, p. 260

Body Adornments are also an indication of the High Slave.  She is often allowed jewelry beyond the simple “bina” or beads of the common slave.  Overall her clothing is of much higher quality but must always be revealing in nature whether it be her decolletage, her legs or even just her shoulders.  A high slave rarely dresses as a Free Woman.

Regardless of status though, the High Slave must always remember her place:  She is simply a slave who could in heartbeat be stripped of her status amongst the chain for no reason other than it is the wishes of her Master.

*Many thanks to Caranda from the Gorean Forums for the inspiration behind this post.

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4 thoughts on “She was a High Slave (Elle’s LOTD)

  1. Salt Caramel

    Awesome post once again Elle. I love how you relay cultural information about Gorean lifestyle in such an easy to understand manner. I wish more people would have your zeal for discussing different roles within Gor, it would definetly add a lot depth to roleplay.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Nissa Nightfire

    terrific post as always 🙂 I also appreciate your highlighting of the rich and varied experience Gor is …. something that is usually missed when looking at it from the outside.