My Castithan Woman and the opening of We <3 RP



My latest Sci Fi obsession is this show Defiance featured on the SyFy network.  The Castithans are one of the featured alien races and their culture is very, very similar to the Goreans.  It is a caste society where men are dominant and servants devote their lives to a single family.  The are not considered slaves per say and are treated well, but their destiny is set within that caste. With luminous white skin and hair, often tinted bluish or grayish, they are a beautiful race and one in which I would definitely love to role play as.

Many of the items featured in this look can found at We <3 RP, which is now open.  So take this taxi now to the event and check out all the goodies offered at such spectacular prices.   See you at We <3 RP!

Hair: MINA Hair – Jasmin with braids (materials) for We <3 RP
Skin: .la petite morte. india f6 CL for We <3 RP
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Sunset
Slink Physique Body, Feet and Hands

*pm* Paper Moon Our Lady of Electric Liberty Toga – Porcelain
~*S.E.*~ Souzou Ein De La Luna Circlet for We <3 RP
Noodles – Aria Chain Harness Silver for We <3 RP

Pose: Glitterati