A Break from the Everyday AKA Elle’s continuing RP story in Gor

It’s been a while since I talked about my characters in Gor.  Things have changed for me in terms of RP and I would say for the better too!  I moved my long term slave character “Elle” to the avatar known as Elizabeth Hallstrom (god, I love display names) and have created a fab free woman character named Druscilla Paulus. But today’s post isn’t about Druscilla – it is about the Elle character – who was recently renamed Opal.

For those of you not familiar with Gorean RP, basically when a woman is enslaved she loses everything – including her name.  Often times she is renamed over and over by the same owner for whatever reason.  Since I created the character “Elle, once of Cos” she has been named Elle, Axiom, Nadima, Babbler, Lux and now Opal. I have to admit though “Opal” is my all time fave name. <3

Anyway enough mushy stuff, it’s time for a brief update on Elle’s story.  So let’s get to it shall we?

Port Kar brought the woman once known as Aella Cosenza Amaris, back to her knees. Collared by a man of Schendi then stolen by a lone tarnsman off the docks of the city, Aella found herself in the city of Hochburg. After the long journey she was led into the city by the warrior, shackled and blindfolded, the identity of her new owner still unknown. There she sat in a tavern somewhere in the city, blind to what was going on around her. After an ahn or so had passed, she was finally approached, her ears filling with the familiar voice of a man she knew breifly in Port Kar – Xamirus Mannix of the Money Lenders. There in the middle of the tavern, he named her “Opal” after the valued gem of Gor.

A few weeks after her initial encounter in Hochburg with Xamirus, her life was so different: She was now his pampered love slave. She spent her days by his side, attending meetings with important people of the city. At night in their home alone, she and Xamirus would discuss the days events in detail. But what was truly different with this relationship she had with him is her owner now looked to her for advice. No longer was she just a man’s slave – she was his confidante and his advisor and lover. All this was in secret though, since the Banker could not risk letting it get out that his master plan of Gor domination was influenced largely by the words of a slave.
Relaxing 2
Soon though the word was sent that he was needed in City of Ko-Ro-Ba to run their burgeoning banking system. Part of the package included a manse and, much to Opal’s chagrin, a new companion. But Opal knew that this woman was needed in his life, to assist him in raising caste and to help obtain the political power he so desired. Now the journey begins….

Hair: [e] Elikatira Abbey – Red 05
Skin: LAQ ~ Essential (1.0) Saga

GSpot Chained Creme
Slink Mesh Rigged Hands
Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)

MG Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Santa Fe

Diesel Works

Hochburg – BTB Gor