NEW: Earth Fashion Posts

The last couple weeks I have done a couple Earth look of the days and I have to admit it gave me the fashion bug!  So going forward I am probably going to a bit more of these and creating a dedicated page to these posts.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely not bored with Gorean Fashion but after being a mainstream blogger for over two years prior to started Elle’s World I have to admit I miss it at times.  I also think if I explore more of the Earth side of things I may also find some new inspiration for my Gorean posts.  A couple things though, I will not be doing “reviews” more look of the days and the posts will largely focus on the photos, so in other words I won’t be saying much in these posts.  I would rather dedicate my writing skills to the Gorean entries.  So in advance, mainstream readers, I do apologize that these posts will be a bit mute.  Any who, I am back with the masses so to speak but I truly hope you enjoy the pretty pictures and the lovely adornments upon my pretty, little avatar.  Hugs!

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