Interested in Gorean Role Play? See below!

Note:  This post is geared primarily towards newbies to Gor but if you are an existing Gorean Slave looking for a private slave house to develop your storyline a bit or undergo IC training as a pleasure slave OR enjoy group oriented story lines, please read on as well.

Furthermore this is a role play scenario, not a formal class environment.  I do not intend to promote myself as a teacher of Gorean slave life but instead along with my partner Draconis, we have come up with an idea of something a bit different than the standard “join a kennel and find a Master.”  We actually are hoping to promote a group role play environment with a side of learning.  Draconis has spent much of his time in Gor as a slaver and I can tell you from personal experience he is a great role player and IC trainer, WEEEEEEEEE!  Again this is role play not a class, LOL.

My RP Partner and I are looking for a few role players to join our uber fun role play storyline.  Yes…it does involve being a bit slavey, LOL, but it’s strictly in character only:  No, we aren’t going to ask you to check in with us or be controlled by us or anything like that!  But if you are interested in learning Gor in a laid back, fun environment the House of Draconis may be the place for you.  See below for role play outline.

City of Tarnwald Secret Drop Location for Priest-King Agents?

Background Story

Rumors are flying through the land of Gor.  It is said Draconis Ashbourne of the House of Draconis is in cahoots with the agents of Priest-King who comb the planet Earth in search of the finest slave stock.  Deep in the forest of Tarnwald lies a secret location where beautiful barbarian girls are left shackled and stripped while they awaken from their drugged state after their journey from their home planet.  Only Draconis and his employee Teiber know where to find these girls.  They may be alone for days lying there vulnerable to forest sleen and ruthless Panther Girls until Draconis is notified by a secret means only known to him.  Once located the helpless barbarian girls are brought back naked and in shackles to his slave house in the City of Tarnwald.  Luckily his prized first girl, very much the kind High Slave, is of earth herself and is there to guide the girls to learn such skills as the language of Gor, dance and how to be pleasing to all free men.  Are you ready to make the journey from earth to the ruthless land of Gor?

Role-play Premise

The House of Draconis proposes to be a good old fashioned Gor slave house where girls are offered intense training to produce the finest pleasure slaves in all of Gor – think Captive of Gor or Dancer of Gor and the training facilities that were described in these two books.  This is IC role-play only and not a lifestyle slave house. Instead we want to bring in players who are here to role play and are willing to wait to be privately owned IC.  A barbarian (earth) back story is not required to join the house and we would be more than happy to role play some other entry to the training facility. As a side note we love new folks to Gor but please keep in mind we want you to stick around for a couple of weeks at least.   Bottom line we want to have fun and include players who enjoy a group based rp setting with minimal time commitment.  Kajirus are welcome to join the house as well.

Homeless Kajirae/Kajirus in need of a temporary owner but not wanting IC training we will consider accepting on a case by case basis particularly if you desire to become an active resident of Tarnwald and want to help grow the sim.

Requirements for RP

  • Must have a basic working knowledge of Second Life.  New to Gor is fine and actually we love and welcome new gorean role players but we prefer to bring in role players who have a good understanding of second life resources and culture (see more info below about extra OOC mentoring for newbies to Gor).  You don’t have to be an expert but at least know how to navigate SL and how to dress yourself!
  • Must be available largely during SLT evenings preferably after 5 pm SLT weekdays
  • Willing to commit to at least 2 weeks as being owned by the slave house.  We are not a revolving door kennel but are open to a private sale after your training is finished.  If you find a potential owner during the training feel free to bring him around and engage him or her in RP with the slave house.
  • Willingness to participate in a group RP environment.
  • Basic understanding of Gorean Role Play.

Additional Info

  • IC role play only.  We are not an OOC/lifestyle slave house nor will we require you to check in with us if you feel the need to travel to “earth” for a night or RP at other sims.  We are here to have fun not dictate your time in second life.
  • Training will be role played 90% of the time.  But we do have note cards available if you need additional help in remembering basic info such as common drinks, food and kneeling positions.  We do not teach a 25 billion step serves and onlinisms will be avoided if at all possible.
  • We do not require a barbarian back story to join the house.
  • We would like to have a few girls at a time to facilitate group IC training.  Have a fellow kajira you love rping with?  Bring her along!
  • Again, if you find a potential owner during the “training period” we would be more than happy to include him or her in our RP.  Potential owners do not have to be a resident of Tarnwald.
  • Kajirus (male slaves) are welcome but will not undergo the same type of training as a kajira – kajirus tend to get sold fast.
  • It is our plan to incorporate such RP scenarios as white silk lotteries (Dancer of Gor) and large scale sales via the auction block.
  • I highly recommend you read Captive of Gor and Dancer of Gor

If you are new to Gor and still looking for a bit of extra help, Elle is more than happy with some OOC guidance in helping you learn and understand how to navigate Gor in SL.  She is happy to help with basic understanding of SL gorean sim rules and expectations.  Again, this mentoring is more geared towards those who are experienced in SL but are new to Gor.

If you are interested in joining the House of Draconis please notecard Elle Couerblanc and Draconis Ashbourne.

11 thoughts on “Interested in Gorean Role Play? See below!

  1. Scribe of Gor

    This sounds like an excellent roleplay venture. However, it is my personal opinion that the teaching of Gor to new players be done by someone with more than two month’s time in the environment. I mean no disrespect by this, but even as a non-lifestyler roleplayer, I feel that you just do not have the experience necessary to set yourself up as an educator.

    Notecards are all well and good, but they are no substitute for years spent playing in this environment, nor the knowledge that reading all of the Gor chronicles have to offer. I wish you luck in this, but I would suggest that players new to Gor seek out a reputable educational institution if they are really looking for comprehensive instruction by instructors who really know their Gor inside and out.

    1. Elle Couerblanc Post author

      And I can understand your concerns but my role play partner has several years experience in gor :). We both have read several of the books, I have personally read 6 now. Notecards are simply used as reference material if the player might desire that. If you have any doubts though about my knowledge and ability to role play come by Tarnwald and quiz me.

    2. Elle Couerblanc Post author

      And oh, part of the mentoring I hope to do is to help new players transition into Gor particularly if they are a long term SL resident. Transitioning from mainstream to Gor has challenges in and of itself. Gor in SL is another culture and has a whole different set of norms and standards and this can be tough for someone to “stick out” without a bit of guidance.

  2. Torvie bondmaid

    I’ve also read half a dozen books, and have also been “living” in SL Gor for a little over two years now, mostly as a slave. Quality instruction in Gor requires one thing: experience. And I would never presume to position myself as a teacher, even after more than two years. The more I learn, the more I realize I have yet to learn.

    No offense meant, but I honestly do not see how you can walk into such an immersive, detail-oriented roleplay environment, based on 28 books (not six), and a few weeks later, *poof*, you’re teaching others how it’s done. I’ve also been a “high slave,” as first girl for several months, but that was only after being in my group for four or five months, nearly on a daily basis.

    I would suggest that slaves (or Free) new to Gor check out GPSU (now Gorean University) for by-the-book instruction rather than rely on the knowledge of someone who’s been in SL Gor for less than two months. Book smarts are just that, book smarts, not experience. And Gor is anything but a “laid-back, fun environment” for Gorean slaves, even in SL… it can be at times, but for the most part, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing or enter it for the wrong reasons, or with the wrong expectations, it can be heartbreaking.

    1. Elle Couerblanc Post author

      I appreciate your feedback I don’t think you are understanding that this is role play not a class. We are looking for slaves interested in role playing outside of the standard “I gotta join a kennel and find me a Master” way of doing things. It’s group role play environment with a dash of learning. Plus as I said before my role play partner is very experienced in Gor and this is a joint effort between us. Time after time I see girls just sitting around waiting for role play in kennels so we decided why not do something different – we are simply thinking outside the box. It’s not going to be for everyone to be honest and we plan to keep it small so that we have the opportunity to actually interact with the girls. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Elle Couerblanc Post author

      I mean no disrespect but I can tell you this “gloom and doom” of Gor is what scares new people off. I have immensely enjoyed my experience in Gor and have hardly found it to be heartbreaking. Oh, and I have been in Gor for 5 months now WEEEEEE!

  3. Torvie bondmaid

    Actually, I understood perfectly well. You claimed that you would teach (and I quote) “such skills as the language of Gor, dance and how to be pleasing to all free men.” That is not “a dash of learning,” and requires experience. Experience that you do not have. I have seen so many people walk into SL Gor in EXACTLY this same way, just with a different gimmick, all thinking that they know more than anyone else, and can do it better than anyone else. They start their own sim, or their own city, or their own school, and cause nothing but problems, then get bored and walk away. So, thanks for stopping by.

    1. Elle Couerblanc Post author

      Again its role play….I am a Gorean Role player. What you are quoting is the “back story” of the house but if you feel as though our wording is inappropriate or should be retooled we are definitely open to suggestions. We want to have fun while fostering an environment of learning and creativity. Classes in SL can be boring frankly and that is what we are trying to avoid.

  4. Nissa Nightfire

    Elle — I think this sounds like a terrific venture you and your RP partner are undertaking. Being an amateur Gorean Role player myself for I time, I can say that this is exactly the sort of experience that would have helped me tremendously in getting started. My schedule made it difficult to attend some of the “serious” classes given. The training I did get was not bad to get started… but the best part about the route I took was to be able to roleplay, and observe roleplay, in an fairly laid-back environment. That was what I needed to ease my way into Gor … and I think others may also find that something like your venture makes Gor more accessible to them, whereas some of the more traditional routes erect a lot of barriers.

    I also really appreciate your careful distinction between a roleplay endeavor, and a lifestyle environment. I have been involved with quite a few people who don’t seem to be able to separate the two. I won’t presume to say one is better than the other… but they don’t mix well, so everyone should be clear about what they’re getting into.

    Best of luck to you. I do respect the point of view of some of your other commenters… but had to add some of my own thoughts of encouragement here. I hope you’ll be able to tell us a little of how things are working out for you 🙂 Safe paths, Elle.

    1. Elle Couerblanc Post author

      Thank you Nissa. Basically I looked at my experience as I entered Gor and wished I could have found a place that catered to new folks that need extra help learning to navigate gor. Luckily i have a great rp partner with lots of experience as a slaver in Treve and Tyros AND he was one of the first people I met in Gor back in July. Also our thoughts on role play and want we what really to accomplish mesh well too. And like you said there is no right or wrong way to do it…this is just a different route and a different way of looking at role play in SL.

  5. Liara Edring

    You can’t slap me for this, Elle…

    But seriously, people need to take a chill pill. They’re talking about rp, not a lifestyle. See, rp is a game, not something amazingly hugely important. If you’re into the lifestyle, good for you. But we’re just RPers over here, and we want to tell a nice story. Stop getting your panties in a wad, please. 🙂