Who you callin’ a bitch?


Look at this Fantastical mail by Maxwell Graf of Rustica under the brand name bitch (love the name) offered right now at the We <3 Role-Play event.  Featuring mesh utilizing the “Materials” aspect that has taken the grid by storm, I love the way the light causes the texture to have a certain sheen to it.  If this doesn’t look like real life mail then I don’t know what else would!


Also featured in today’s look from We <3 RP are the pants from the Penghel Armor set offered by The Muses.   Combined with the mail,  I feel like I could jump into Guild Wars 2 and go to town battling those evil centurions.  Where’s my sword folks and let’s get to it!

If you haven’t checked out the latest We <3 Role-Play you better get there and Stat.  The event lasts for about two more weeks folks so don’t miss out!  Okay that’s all I got for now.  So take care my friends and have a great Second Life!

Taxi to We <3 Role-Play

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Arianna 2 – Browns05Fade
Skin: [PF] Pink Fuel Harley – Lid 02 – (dkbrow – B)

bitch – Chain Maille Sleeved Doublet for We <3 Role-Play
bitch – Armor Bracers (Iron) for We <3 Role-Play
the muses . Penghel Armor . Black/Red . pants for We <3 Role-Play
the muses . Penghel Armor . Black/Red . shoulder armor for We <3 Role-Play

*LightStar-Indian Boots-Black

tea soup

Port City of Praven