Of Port Kar

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She was of Port Kar, the Scourge of the Thassa, as the city was commonly called.  The woman was alone in the world now – a freed slave with no protection of a companion. Only a sympathetic friend who took her in, employing her as an accountant, gave her the income and shelter she so desperately needed.  Knowing good and well this situation was still dangerous for her, she contemplated her fate.
Of Port Kar 2
But one day, fate decided to call on her in such a way that she did anticpate.  Through a series of events, she found herself a woman on a mission. There she was, alone in the holding of House LeBlanc, a safe filled with coin at her disposal. “The homeless women of this city need so much. How can I help them find their way to safety once again.” With shaky hands, she grabbed as much coin as she could carry in the knapsack. But before leaving the scene she left a note that said the following:

I am writing this on behalf of my abductor who is unable to read or write. He is taking me along with the coin he has stolen. He will put me to his use or dispose of me as he pleases.  Goodbye…

Lady Aella Consenza Amaris of House LeBlanc

With these words, her new future saving the women of Port Kar will now begin.

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