Elder Scrolls Online and We Love Role Play

Dark Elf AKA Dunmer

My latest virtual obsession and one of the reasons for my infrequent visits into Second Life these days is the MMO Elder Scrolls Online.  From the richness of the lore to the breathtaking graphics, I have found myself very immersed in this game.  So when I came across the New Faces Skin “Dark Elf” for the latest round of We <3 RP, of course I was thrilled.  One of the races in the game, and in many ways the most controversial, are the Dunmer AKA Dark Elves.  Often referred to as gloomy and ill-favored by fate, the Dunmer encompass many of the darker elements of the lore including the worship of the Daedra and a long time tradition of being slavers.  But with the all the darkness in them, there is also the light:  Family, Loyalty and bringing honor to one’s race is ingrained within their culture and way of life.

Intrigued? Well then visit me in Elder Scrolls Online and become as immersed as I am!

Taxi to We <RP

Hair: MINA – Jasmin
Skin: New Faces – Dark Elf (Black) for We <3 RP
[ MUDSKIN ]_Butterfly Eyes_Misc6 for We <3 RP
SLink Elven Ears Metal Free

.::DD::. Distorted Dreams Sands Black for We <3 RP
Pure Poison – Kahina Mask for We <3 RP

!dfo Don’t Freak Out