Ebony Aphrodite

Ebony Aphrodite 1

Not even Tisiphone looming could invoke the fright this fury leaves etched across my spine
Olympus’ indignation will not leave me in spiritual paralysis like She
(Shch, shch, shch) severing my Atlas, losing my mind–I can’t carry these
melancholy skies
Her voice, even in its brevity, balmbarded me with an inward rise of Dawn’s rosey-red fingers
Now, Her silence–Her silence sings a delyreous epic of what I couldn’t help, but destroy

Ebony Aphrodite 2

–Without Her, I feel like Telemachus futiley fending off suitors alone
Promises to not fly too close to Helios: broken glass under a blind woman’s feet
Like Perseus, I’ll face whatever evil’s Cracken; although, a life without Her, I’d
rather be the Nemean Lion
Ebony Aphrodite, whose tone leers at me with a Medusa gaze
I wasn’t Cronos; although, I was, in this gracious goddess’ eyes, titanic
However, it now appears I’ve corroded our thread; easier for the Fates to cut

–Eric Thomas All Poetry.com



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