A Mythical Creature – Poetry Soup Submission (Photos by Elle)

We Love RP 080914

The sun dulled to a shade of green,
A creature hanging there I hadn’t seen
Wings of webs and sparkling coloured hues
Seeming to be smiling at me, head tilted

A mystical creature there only I could see
The sun eclipsed; the darkness brings
a creature hanging with webbed wings,
seeming to smile at me, with fiery breath.

A mystical beast, a Dragon I could see.
It was not a span ago I remember,
they needed and had asked of me.
To think of their form so bold,

to give them the life they knew of old.
The mighty dragon hanging so near,
brushing away clouds of innate fear.
Pulsing wing beats shattered the glade,

yet held me safely in his mystical shade.
voice of an Angel touched my ear.
“Thank you, for seeing my presence clear.”
“My Dragon’s form in infinite perfection,

asking of me a new conception”.
“Do tell me of this Earth so changed,
now no castles and dungeons dwell.
Where I did roam for many years,

there maidens fled in horrifying tears.”
“Oh mighty creature, It is sad to say
those things don’t exist today.”
”It has been a long, long, time for you

just wait I’ll see what I can do?”
I sat thinking for an unusual time,
but could only think of fable and rhyme.
It did come to me in the end,

where a Dragon could happily blend.
Disney was looking for something new
Harry potter was in a right stew.
”Can you fly when asked my dragon of fire”?

Snorting smoke, he flew higher and higher.
I told him of films and fun so grand,
of castles Built in another land.
“Hold on!” I said as I found a strand.

We Love RP1 080914

“Can you fly to New Zealand?”
A nod from him and a smile so wide,
on his back I flew on, an incredible ride.
To star in The Hobbit was my dream too,

my dragon and me headed for pastures new.
A cloud of steam emitted from the stream
the mighty Dragon was just a dream.
At the bottom of the hill dust settled around,

I felt such a fool, as I hit the ground.

–Ian Howard, PoetrySoup Submission


Skin: [KOOQLA] Nico – Natural 01 (lb)
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~Nyoki Hair, Dreads and Feathers for We <3 RP
IKON Spectral Eyes – Wraith
Slink Physique Body, Slink Hands and Feet
.Dress – ::DD::. Distorted Dreams Jasmine Red for We <3 RP
.Enfant Terrible. Caelens Armor Gold for We <3 RP
Shoes – Pure Poison – GoldGoddess Sandals for Collabor88
Arm Band and Earrings – [LJ] Lost Haven Tokiwa’s Treasures – Gold for We <3 RP
Staff – [The Forge] Eye of Ulysses (Gold)

Poses – Elephante Poses for We <3 RP

Location – Mystara