Through the Eyes of My Avatar – Noble, New England


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I have been lurking about the Second Life Destinations page for ideas of what sims to cover.  There are so many lovely places to feature and I am trying my best to not be a copy catter and cover those by the Uber Sim bloggers, Ziki Questi and Honour McMillian.  But until I get a feel for what is out there after my reclusiveness over the last few years, I will need to rely on these Masters for ideas!  Because of this the Second Life Destination Guide has become my very best friend!

One of the spots that caught my eye was The Noble Story found in the destinations guide here and described as follows:

This island was born out of a love and passion for tale tellers and those who love stories. One of the most known tales of several generations are the tales of Peter Rabbit and many more, written by Beatrix Potter.


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So off I went on my hunt for Peter Rabbit.  Instead though, when I landed at the skybox and made my way down to the main sim, what I found instead was a picturesque sim now called (Noble) New England. I am not sure if the creators changed direction in the sim design, but either way the place is gorgeous.


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There are various little spots and hidden areas in the sim and I had to cheat a little by choosing “fly override” to find my way to some. The effort was worth it and the act of flying did not spoil my immersion one bit.


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Private homes are on the sim, so please be mindful of that when visiting. I did run into a set of ban lines while lurking about, however they were not situated on the sim in such a way that would interrupt your exploring.  Since the theme is winter, I suggest a nice wool coat like this group gift I found at S@BBiA the other day. And yes, my hair is sticking through the back collar, LOL. But what can I say…mesh still isn’t the answer to all Second Life fashion crises, ha.

Visit Noble New England

Hair: !lamb. Desire Lines (Mesh) – Sunset
Skin: -Glam Affair – Vera – Europa – Clean C
Nose: -Glam Affair – Vera – Nose 03 – Europa
Lips: [PF] Pink Fuel Harley Lipstick – Base Lip

S@BBiA Wool Coat (M) (Red) (group gift)
S@BBiA Snowflake Dress (group gift)

S@BBiA Suede Knee-high Boots

(Yummy) Anouk Glasses
(Yummy) Chunky Scarf – Earl Grey
MELI IMAKO Mesh_Mittens Gloves Rigged


Noble New England