My Take on Gogo’s Twilight Challenge

Twilight 3The Queen of blogging threw out this fab challenge for us bloggers to create a Twilight Inspired Look in celebration of the release last movie in the series.  Now sadly, I failed at emulating a character, but if I ever wanted to be a vampire this is how I would look.
Twilight 1In reality I probably look more like Pam from True Blood than one of the teen vampires of Twilight with my hot mini skirt from Milk Motion and my corset from Ooh LaLa, but, hey, I tried right?  Plus this new hair from Lelutka is dynamite!

Twilight 2Last but not least, less talk skin shall we? For my base skin I have been wearing as of late my beloved League Isla.  But after reading a comment from I believe Sydd Sinister on plurk I found out that you can use the lips from Laq’s new Saga (or Elle) on another similarly shaded skin.  As soon as I read this, I thought to myself I better check that out for myself.  Therefore I did and Voila – a new look for Isla!

By the way, don’t forget the upcoming With Love <3 Hunt sponsored by Chic Management.   I am not a hunt person normally,  however a little bird told me the stuff this year is Sartorialist worthy!

Alright that’s all I got and as always, take care my friends and have a great Second Life.

Hair: [LeLutka]-EFFECT hair – Praline
Skin: *League* Isla Pale Feline Brunette (Chest D)
LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Mouth
Makeup: LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Mouth

(Ooh Lala!) Swirly Corset – Black
(Milk motion) leopard mini skirt

(Milk Motion) My vintage heels -yellow-

(Ooh Lala!) Swirly Corset – Tights
MG Maxi Gossamer – Bracelet – Voodoo Rocker – Cross
MG Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Cross of Assisi – Short – Silver + Black Obsidian

!dfo Don’t Freak Out


7 thoughts on “My Take on Gogo’s Twilight Challenge

  1. Opal Rae

    You look great, loving the skirt!
    This sim looks beautiful, too, might pop in-world shortly for a look 🙂

  2. Kara

    I visited Venexia, weird enough, it looks so much like Port Malignance, which was known as “Malignance – Tales of Port Kar”… The arsenal, for example, is a perfect copy. But these 2 sims don’t have the same builder… Who copied? I bet it’s not Venexia’s builder…..

    1. Elle Couerblanc Post author

      Yeah I saw the similarities as well but it could be the time frame the builders were going for. Which one opened first? I played in PK when in launched in August.

    2. Elle Couerblanc Post author

      Ah, Venexia opened over year ago: Like I mentioned PK opened this last August. Even so I have seen Eve’s works with other sims – she has a very unique way of building. I say it was more “time frame” or what the sim owners wanted that influenced her build. Port Kar is similar to Venice in as much as it uses a canal system. What you will find is the Gorean cities have some sort of reference to a real world city. PK is a blend of Venice in its appearance and bit like New Orleans, culturally i.e its unique culture in that city’s relationship to the rest of US.

      1. Kara

        It is not a coincidence, Malignance is too much similar to Venexia, if you look at the arsenal, on the port, it’s exactly the same build you can see in Malignance…. Venexia has been copied.